How to Style Athleisure Ft.!

If you haven’t heard of Athleisure already then you need to get out of that rock you’ve been living under. ASAP! Athleisure is the fashion trend that allows you to wear gym-wear anywhere, anytime. Think office, shopping-spree, brunches, movie, and work-dinners! The trick is to inculcate basic sporty element in day-to-day outfits. Needless to say the trend is so popular of-late because of its versatility, comfort and the feel! Joggers all day FTW!

Fashionista all over the world are embracing this trend and if you feel a little left out, don’t worry you have come to the right place! 😀 Today we show you 5 ways to style your joggers, gym tees, hoodies and everything Athleisure like a (lazy) boss! 😀

  1. Simply Athleisure!

The simplest way to don Athleisure for the first time is with minimum pieces. Easy and doable! So get our joggers out with a crop top or crop t-shirt and finish up with gym-sneaker. For accessories you can carry a duffle bag. Effortless, eh?

Here you go for joggers & crop top.


  1. Get Dressy!

If you want to go a little dressy while doing Athleisure try T-shirt dresses. Team up your t-shirt dress (or any other dress) with a pair of gym-sneakers and you are good to go! To accessorize the part take a sporty backpack or a pair of cool sunnies! Date-night done right! 😀

Here you go for Tee shirt dress & sneakers.desktop2



  1. More is less!

If you are past that phase of being publicly awkward with Athleisure, now is the time to do more! Start off with dressing up like you are going to the gym, yes! Wear joggers with a sport-bra and now put on your favorite hoodie or bomber jacket! 😀 Also don’t forget to add a pair of sneakers or high-tops! Additionals, make a messy bun and keep a resting bitch face. 😛

Here you can find joggers and Hoodie to get this look.



  1. Athleisure meets high Fashion!

If you are still not sure how to don a gym appropriate but high fashion outfit, try inculcating one element of Athleisure at a time. Like replacing top with gym t-shirt or pants with yoga pants. Our personal favorite is a gym tee paired up with leather skirt and an overcoat. Athleisure meets high fashion! Tots drool-worthy! <3

Here you for gym tee shirt, leather skirt & overcoat.



  1. Summers of Athleisure!

If you want an outfit that speaks both summer and Athleisure, start off with something you wear to gym in summers. Like shorts! Yes shorts! 😀 And then throw a tank top (another summer favorite), a shrug and you are done, but not without your gym kicks obviously! 😀

Here you go for tank top, shorts & Shrug/ summer jacket.


So Athleisure Monday to Sunday? 😀 If yes do tag us in your pictures! Until the next post xoxo!

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