How to wear white, this monsoon!


So it’s that time of the year where we reorganise our closet tossing our whites with the rest of our summer clothes. And I know how our heart breaks when we are to do it especially when whites are a saviour and hero on any bad day. But we still do it with our tear stricken face because its engraved in our minds that whites are the monsoon’s biggest rival. But what if I told you that we are here to save the day.

What if we told you that there is no need for the toss and present to you hacks and ideas on how to flaunt whites this season.

Sneak it :

I personally believe that whites have healing powers that can magically cure us over any gloomy day. Wearing whites during the monsoon can be quite troublesome but what if we could sneak it. Yes, throw a jacket or an overcoat over your favourite whites and let them do their work. They not only protect your whites but also add a dash of fashion statement to your look and also keep you warm and cosy. You can also achieve the look with a shrug or cape.

skirt it:

You can always feed your crave for the whites this monsoon with skirts and shorts.Pick short or knee lengthen skirts and pair it up with an over sized shirt or top to complete the look. This way your whites remain unharmed and also compliments your legs exclusively. You can also pair them up with graphic t-shirts and a pair of tall gum boots to get into the monsoon vibe.

Cosy it:


So with the monsoon comes the perfect reasons to pull our your favourite sweaters and cardigans.So you always save your whites with unbearably cute knitted sweaters and cardigans.

Top it:

So on the light days you can start with white tops and layer it up with a regular long cotton shirts or scarves which will ease your days. Pair it up with thick boots and cosy pants and get ready to meet the rain.

Mix it:

So if you aren’t convinced then you can drain your blues by going for mixes by leaving out the pure whites.Go for dual or multicoloured clothes with a dash of white to complete your can also go for dungarees and wear it with a white inner shirt that way you have the satisfaction of both wearing it and also not ruining it.

accessorize it:

If you are still not convinced but still have your heart set on whites then you can accessorize your look with a white neck piece or sling bags. You can also wear white belts over your shirts or skirts and make it work.


Personal tips for the monsoon:

So to make your monsoon fashion both comfortable and fashionable here are a few personal tips

1.Keep it light: wear lighter clothes which won’t soak you apart from the layers make sure it is light.

2.Shorter the better: the shorter your clothes the better you feel.pair your short clothes with thigh high boots for a fashionable look.

3.Easy dry fabrics: choose easy dry fabrics so you don’t feel heavy this season.

4.Don’t wear it tight: go for loose fit clothes so your clothes hug your skin and make you uncomfortable.

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