“What’s next in Fashion” – Amazon India fashion week AW 2016!

“What’s next in Fashion” – Amazon India fashion week AW 2016!

How we (the creators, the customers and everyone involved in fashion) envision fashion is an important factor deciding the future of fashion. If we could express in a healthy dialogue what we feel fashion is and what should it be, then it’s the ultimate facilitator for the fashion industry. To engage everyone in such a dialogue is an important task and Pearls Academy at Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016 just did it right. On the 3rd day of the 5-day gala event, Pearl Academy organized an event “What’s next in fashion” and veteran from the fashion industry came together to discuss the future of fashion in India, the possibilities, the measures and the insights.
Day 3 at AIFW AW 2016 kick started with ‘What’s next in fashion’, which saw 6 adept panelist form fashion industry coming together and give there insight about the fashion and its future in India. Luminaries from different fields of fashion industry were presents as panelists, including prominent fashion editor, fashion designers, authors, creative heads etc. All of them engaged the audience and media with their thoughts of the status and structure of fashion in the future.

Nonita Kalra, editor- Harper’s Bazaar, ex-editor- Elle, spoke about the democracy and anarchy in the fashion communication system, how it functions and way to tackle it. Indeed an informative view for everyone working in fashion journalism and otherwise. Fashion designer David Abraham, known for his label ABRAHAM and THAKORE, stresses on how consumption is a problem for creativity and how it should be managed and monitored at all stages. Phyllida Jay, author of the book Fashion India, shed light on ethics and aesthetics of fashion and how minimalism is different from minimalism. Manou from Wearabout explained yet another field of fashion, the blogs and their relevance.

Apart from the discussion on consumption and creativity, technology was also a high point of discussion at the event. Ganesh Subramaniam, CEO, Stylumia, spoke how technology will transform the way people look at fashion and how brands can improve their approach to consumer through technology. Creative Director of Amazon India, Narendra Kumar, explained the importance of India Modern, on which the entire theme of the closing event of AIFW AW 2016 is based on.

I can say without a shred of doubt that everyone present there must have taken back some insight back home. Be it about fashion consumptions, relevance of technology or just simple plain yet complicated avenues as blogs. So there was something for everyone in the event and for me as a blogger it couldn’t get any better.

I thoroughly enjoy events like this. What do you think of the event tell me in the comment below and watch this space for the finale of Amazon India Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2016!

Love! <3

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