The world is full of guys, BE A MAN !

Growing a beard do need time, patience, and testicles, but does that makes you MAN? Or Building a muscular build and having shredded look makes you MAN?
I am not sure. But do you know what a real man is and what is he supposed to do?
You don’t need that muscular bod or dense beard to be a MAN. A real man is one who respects women and If you don’t respect women, you’re not a man. PERIOD.
A woman is a creator, mother, sister and a wife who completes her responsibility without any fail and how do we show our manhood, by passing vulgar comments, or by molesting them when they are helpless. Grow up dude these things are not supposed to be taught.


If you are a man:

  1. Respect humans including WOMEN’S and treat them equally.
  2. Listen and talk to their face and not their chest.
  3. Help her when they are in need.
  4. Don’t take advantage when she is need of help
  5. Empower women and work towards changing the mindset of society towards women.
  6. Don’t think women as a sexual entity and help the people around change too and maybe we could give our daughters, sisters, and mother a safer place to live.
  7. When you stand near a girl she should feel safe rather than terrified.
  8. In no occasion consider women subordinate or inferior to men.
  9. Defend them verbally and, should the need arise, physically. There have been too many incidents where men have watched women being assaulted, molested or raped but haven’t intervened. If you ACT as a mute spectator then expect the same response from the crowd when your mother, sister, daughter or wife is in need.

No matter how much evil I see, I think it’s important for everyone to understand that there is much more light than darkness. Once this realization sets in most everything else will follow. Everything in this world is a gift from God, and women are the most beautiful, precious gift of all. That fact alone charges us to give them all the respect we can.

On my ending note I would like to share few beautiful lines by FARHAN AKHTAR:


He, whose eyes sparkle with honesty
Whose manner is impeccable,
Whose demeanor is gentle
Whose words are truthful yet polite
Whose heart holds respect, whose deeds display honor.
He. who venerates women for their mind, body, and soul
who ensures that their dignity will never be compromised
who never ever forgets that like him, she is an individual
He, who has character
who has the strength and an indomitable spirit
He, who is a companion. a friend, a confidant
He is a man.

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