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A conversation with Vikas Malani, a celebrity tattoo artist!

We are excited and yet petrified. We want it but we cannot decide how. We love it but also want to avoid needles. This is what everyone feels about getting tattooed. Tattoos are something that connects us to ourselves. Most of us get the corium inked with something that holds importance in our life; maybe motivates us or inspires us or maybe just reminds us of something we love. Tattoos, I believe, are a reflection of us in a way that only we understand. And that is why, it is important to open ourselves up, to, well, us. And the oldest form of art cannot be more befitting for that.

So we got into talking with India’s most sought after celebrity tattoo artist, Vikas Malani, to understand the waves of this ever exciting topic: Tattoos. For him, what started as a hobby gradually became a passion and he has been experimenting with this art for more than two decades now. “Tattoos are something that stays with you like a part of your body for the rest of your life. And in this world, where change is the only constant, getting a permanent tattoo obviously needs a lot of thought. I think it should always be something that holds importance to you,” says Vikas.


The trend of tattoo art has been changing with the course of time and now is the break where less is more and small is large. Speaking of minimalism in demand, Vikas says, “People are choosing minimal tattoos to understand their pain threshold and since they’re worried that it’s going to stay forever, they want something subtle. Another reason is the acceptance of family/society that holds up the guards for them. Also the constant want to do something exciting, maybe for them or due to peer pressure; all of this drives them to go through with the idea and minimalistic tattoos seem to fit the criteria.”

So here are some of the tattoo ideas for all you tattoo lovers out there! Check it out.

Like this geometry love?

 Image Source: Pinterest

 Image Source: Pinterest


Or perhaps minimalism at its best . .

 Image Source: Instagram

 Image Source: Pinterest


How about such beautiful maps?

 Image Source: Pinterest


 Image Source: Pinterest



The water color tattoos are the new cool and they give the edge and fineness to a tattoo that the bold black doesn’t. They are soft and mild and pleasant for the onlookers. “Water color tattoos give a very artistic look to the tattoo and soften the bold feeling that the normal black-white tattoos have,” says Vikas. Water color tattoos are expensive, need much more care and attention than the normal ones and even tend to pain a bit more, but as you can see in the pictures below, everything about it is completely worth it!

 Image Source: Pinterest

 Image Source: Pinterest

 Image Source: Instagram

 Image Source: Instagram


These are some of the tattoos that catch attention and tend to leave anyone who sees it in awe! You can also sketch your own designs that please you. It will give you complete satisfaction of owning the mark and knowing it’s worth the pain. Check ’em out!


 Image Source: Body Canvas


 Image Source: Pinterest


This is couple goals! Ditch the rings and get tattooed instead!

 Image Source: Pinterest


Lose the platinum and get this beautiful tattooed ring . .

 Image Source: Pinterest


Tips on taking care of your tattoos:

  • Remove the bandage only after 2 to 4 hours.
  • Regularly wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and mild soap using a cotton piece.
  • Allow the tattoo to air dry or dab on it gently.
  • Apply the ointment/gel given by your tattoo artist over the tattoo.
  • Avoid eating spicy and sour food as well as non-veg and eggs for at least a week.
  • Do not soak the tattoo in water and do not scratch or pick on it even if it itches.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the tattoo and if you do go out in the sun, keep it loosely covered with a tissue or kerchief.
  • Tattoos need to be kept moisturized. Keep them clean and fully moisturized at all times to avoid any infections. (Body moisturizers work good.)


Go ahead and get yourself inked right now!

Keep tabs on this space for more articles like this.

Featured image – Body canvas India

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