We have all wanted to wear our hair differently every single day which is totally impossible. But we are busy to make an effort so that’s when we switch to bohemian ways. Unlike the other step-wise hair do’s which goes wrong even if we miss a strand boho hair do’s twist and turn or come up with quirky braids which are cosy and comfortable.

Bohemian or Boho fashion style became a popular in early 2000s, but it’s still popular today. It draws its inspiration from different bohemian and hippie influences and it’s famous for being chic, relaxed, and simple. Boho style also has influenced hairstyles, ranging from simple and effortless to use of different accessories like headbands, flowers, jewelry.

Though they are not much work boho hairstyles are worth mastering because they are creative, pretty and so wild. Boho hairstyles do not require much time and effort to do, which makes them ideal for ladies who have a crazy busy lifestyle but want to look beautiful nonetheless.


Bohemian style is famous for being simple, effortless and chic and these long, curly hairstyles are perfect for it. They don’t involve a lot of complicated styling and are very easy to maintain. Just twist several strands and braid a few and pin it.

Medium Length :

If you have a medium length hair, this cool bohemian hairstyle is perfect for you! Its light, airy and effortless. You can play around with different types of braids. Start with braiding from the crown region and go all the way through or stop it midway for different styles.

Up-do Hairstyle:

These are very elegant boho hairstyles that are perfect for special occasions. There are many different variations you can play around with. You can make braids and pull them up in a messy bun, or make a halo braid around your head. Braid small strands and then finally pull it into a bun for this look. You can also add coloured extensions to quirk it ups bit.

Boho Braids:

From simple three strand braid to the more complicated versions, braids definitely fit in great with the boho style. And the best thing about braids is that there are limitless possibilities. A braid that starts on the side of your head and continues down is a classic boho look.


Headbands are one of the most famous boho accessories. They look retro, hippie, and of course stylish. You can choose from thin, string-like headbands and wider ones and they come in many different styles and colours. This is a simple trick to transform an ordinary hairstyle into something cool and chic.

Boho Dreadlocks:

Since the bohemian look draws its inspiration from the hippie culture and it’s organic and earthy, dreadlocks are also a big part of the boho hairstyles. Dreadlocks are created by braiding hair into rope like strands. If you don’t wish to do this on your own hair since the process is irreversible, you can do it on your extensions or simply get dread lock extensions.

Boho Hairstyle With Flowers:

Flowers are the perfect choice for creating that bohemian goddess look. Flower halos can transform any girl into a stylish modern fairy. You can braid your hair anyway you like and decorate it with flowers all the way through and you can also insert leaves or wear it like a wreath.

Boho Jewelry :

Jewelry is also a part of the boho hairstyle. There are extremely beautiful head chains and jewellery you can use and it definitely creates a special look. Going boho is just about being comfortable and cosy so braid or pin your hair anyway you like and embellish it with different jewelry or charms.

Boho Feathers:

Feathers worn in hair come from the Native American influences and they are often used as a hair accessory.If you want that cool modern Pocahontas look. Then wear a band and insert feathers or braid your hair with feather extension. You can also bead your braid and feather it up.

Bohemian Gypsy Hairstyle:

Since Boho style draws a lot of its influences from the gypsy look, these modern gypsy hairstyles are very trendy. You can get creative here and use colorful scarfs, beads and others accessories on your hair to create a unique look.

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