Be it light drizzle or a hurricane, monsoon showers have a way to getting into your daily chores and especially when it comes to hitting the gym. It is already a tough job to push ourselves up the couch and get ready for the gym, the gloomy weather and the cool atmosphere make it even harder to swipe the blanket aside.

But as much as we’d love it, it is not an excuse to skip the training that day, even if you’re traveling. So here are some simple tips to help you stay fit this monsoon.

1) Timings
Try not to change your workout timings because of the rains. If you work out at a particular time, and can’t make it to the gym because of the rains, practice indoor exercises like spot running and skipping or zumba to keep fit. Dress the same way as you do for outdoor workouts; it gives a sense of actual workout even at home.

2) Core exercises
Exercises that make your core stronger using your own body weight are quite effective as indoor workouts. Body weight exercises like push-ups, squats and lunges are excellent choices to improve your muscular strength. And since they can be done anywhere, feel free to do these exercises and some leg raises even while travelling; they’ll even make up for some good stretches.

3) Stair case
The staircase in your house is an excellent way of working out. You can start by climbing up and down for a few minutes, stepping, climb up and down-and-squat are some of the exercises you can practice to build your core and strength.

4) Equipment
If you have been meaning to purchase some indoor exercising equipment, now is the perfect time. Equipment like resistance bands or a skipping rope, offer a lot of combinations for indoor workouts. A tread-mill, or an indoor cycle too are a good investment to make to keep your indoor workouts tight and interesting.

5) Yoga
While most people feel yoga is more about increasing flexibility, it is well known that yoga helps build immunity and helps in reducing respiratory problems which are a common affliction during monsoons.

6) Household chores

It is hard to believe, but household chores are an excellent way to keep the body fit and toned. Clean out the shelves and cupboards, sweep and mop the entire house, wash the clothes with bare hands, wash the dishes; practice all this regularly and notice the difference for yourself.

 7) Dance

If you are into dance, then it can easily substitute for a workout. Make a playlist of your favorite hi-energy numbers and dance the sweat out. It is a fun way to enjoy your indoor monsoon workouts.

8) Running in the rain

If it’s a mild drizzle, and not a full blown rain shower, you can even venture out for a run in the park or just on the roadside. A mild waterproof jacket like Versatyl, preferably with a hood and stable well fitted shoes with soft soles help a great deal maintaining a grip on track.

Eat healthy and keep yourself as much hydrated as possible. Avoid eating outside, especially food that is mainly water based as there are majority chances of the water being contaminated in monsoons.

Stay fit and healthy! For more engrossing content, keep watching this space. Cheers!

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