Fashion is continually evolving, specifically, at this phase of transition when we’ve just blossomed into adulthood. Entering into this real-world fashion arena with your clichéd thoughts on flawless fashion that’d been inspired from the movies may prove to be disappointing in the long run. This is a phase of self-discovery where we’ve got to experiment budding trends to hit upon our ideal fashion etiquette. However, some of our unknowingly made mistakes during such trials might play havoc in this most exciting and hectic phase of your life.

From not repeating your wardrobe to ignoring the protocols of a perfect skin care regimen, we bring to you 10 mistakes that every college girl makes but you shouldn’t. So, read along and check yourself before you prep yourself!

  1. The dread behind repeated outfits

How often do you go from one week to another worrying if you’d already worn that outfit? Can you handle the morbid shame if you’d already been pictured in one of those cutesy dresses on your social media?

Ha-ha. For years, we’ve been pushing ourselves into believing that clothes aren’t to be repeated for months together. When even the Duchess of Cambridge had been caught repeating her outfits at multiple occasion, then why not us?

So, if your wardrobe isn’t as big as the one of Miranda Kerr, worry not! The good old technique of mix ‘n’ match or even the presently trending styling techniques will help you reinvent your style with just what you’ve got.

  1. Layers of make up

Make up is indeed an amazing way to accentuate ourselves but more often we tend to abuse its phenomenal power. The new age make up routine may press you to overdo yourself. So, where do you draw the line that says how much make up is too much make up?

Never cake your face with too much powder or brush on coats of mascara. Give yourselves a natural contour and care to blend in the colour palette with your skin tone, keeping it mild during the hectic days of college and glam up for the special night outs.  Don’t go overboard with your make up because there is nothing more unattractive than a double toned face.

  1. Unpressed clothes

Aren’t you excited about wearing one of the chic t-shirts or elegant Kurtis or might be even the ever-flattering saree for a special occasion? But, a crumpled piece of cloth has no charm and the same holds true for your daily dressing.

Your daily cotton attire to brace the burning heat of the hectic day will never compliment yourself when in wrinkles. Well-ironed clothing is all it takes for a chic and a fresh look all throughout the day!

  1. Unoiled hair

We all love the shiny and smooth hair of the models on TV. Don’t we? Isn’t that why we shampoo our hair too often and almost never oil them?

Indeed, oil is sticky. But the burning Indian sun may have a damaging effect on your hair when they meet! Treat your hair to weekly massages of heated coconut oil to keep it lustrous, healthy and at bay from dandruff.


  1. A walking jewelry galore

Almost every girl owns a box filled with her choicest earring, necklaces, body chains and the list goes on. Indeed, this is the treasure chest of every woman in town! But, should you be walking around with the entire contents of the box on your body? Never!

It is never a good choice to accessorize yourself with every item from your closet. Keeping the hectic day ahead in mind, dress like a minimalist with statement pieces, like a body chain, necklace, handcuff or maybe even a clip on nose pin that complements your attire. Accessorize to the occasion rather than going all bling for the day!


  1. The peekaboo apparel

It is obvious that you want to be the best dressed one in the room. Eye-catchy attire is absolutely fine as long as the eyes don’t catch you for the wrong reasons. Dressing in too tight or showy attires for a regular day of stress and sweat might just be too much for the day. Pick comfortable fabrics that define your style and character and if it’s too loose, fasten a belt across your waist while you the rest of their imagination!


  1. Crash diets

Indeed, crash dieting is the predominant mistake done by every college girl! *Winks* if you’re one among them. Are you out in the cafeteria thinking of some 7 day diet that is going to reshape your curves? Definitely, no!

You need to sweat it out! Because being fit means being healthy which effectively means that your body is free from toxins. But the only way to flush away the toxins is by sweating out the fat regularly.  So, work your body out for at least 5 days a week for a healthy and a happy skin!


  1. Ill-fitting lingerie


Perfectly fitting lingerie makes us look and feel not just beautiful but also confident. Try different brands until you find the perfect size that smoothens out the bulges of skin which normally squeezes out from your tight bra straps or an ill-fitting underwire.

So learn the lingerie lingo to know the differences between a push-up/ plunge bra or a padded/moulded bra because these gorgeous and delicately laced pieces of undergarments are worthy to splurge on.

  1. Messing with the zits

Isn’t it tempting to squeeze the zit and push out all the bacteria from within the skin? But do you think this is going to clear your skin for the better? Definitely, not!

Messing with your acne might shrink it but there is also a greater risk a heightened bacterial exposure. Because when you squeeze the zit you tend to leave an open pore that is more vulnerable to the bacteria that is already present on your fingers. Instead, resort to ice packs or natural medicine (turmeric, aloe vera, honey, milk). When you find things getting out of hand, don’t shy away from consulting a dermatologist.


  1. Splurging on the same style



The trend is continually evolving. At one moment, the off-shoulder top may be in vogue and at the next moment, it might be an off-shoulder kurta. You may never know! What is in vogue now might take a backseat in a few months because as our lifestyle evolves our choice of clothes also evolves. Be it gingham prints or checkers. Trends are seasonal. So, stop hogging on to trends and buying similarly styled attire every other time!


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