Boston is one of the most historic cities in the country. For those of you who don’t know, the city plays in the American history since the 1630s. So how can you not want to explore the city with a rich history and fame. And if you want to get way from the city after your busy days , there are beaches nearly everywhere so go! Explore and catch the rays with a bit of history and good food.

Boston is one place where you get the best of both worlds you can simply time travel to the past and flabbergast at the historic places and come back to the present for mouth-watering food.


Hallowed ground to baseball purists, this cozy, quirky park has been the Boston Red Sox home field since 1912. The most distinctive feature of this classic baseball park is the 37-foot-tall left field wall, known as the “Green Monster.” So if you are a baseball fan who can spend the hour walking and knowing more about the history of baseball this is your place and for those non-red sox fans you will still have a good time in the historic building and also, the food is great anyway you will have the best day.



Boston’s oldest, largest and best-known art institution, the MFA houses one of the world’s most comprehensive art collections and is renowned for its Impressionist paintings, Asian and Egyptian collections and early American art.A wide selection of art and sculpture as you’d expect but also a beautiful building that mixes ornate architecture and modern open spaces. Theres something new to discover in every corner that will awake different parts of your soul.


Experience the best of New England’s marine wildlife on this guided, 3-hour whale-watching cruise around the National Marine Sanctuary. Hop on a high-speed catamaran that gets to and from the whales in the least amount of time possible. See humpback and fin whales, plus Atlantic white-sided dolphins and harbour porpoises with the help of a naturalist guide. The on-board galley offers food and beverages too. You can catch sight of the whales and just watch them be themselves and watch the marine life at peace.


This Frederick Law Olmsted-designed park, famous for its Swan Boats, has over 600 varieties of trees and an ever-changing array of flowers. It is America’s first public garden. Just a bit more prettier with colourful flowers, swan boats, Make Way for Ducklings and buskers playing their instruments. Very nice stroll, jog, picnic or just relax. There is plenty to see and do, through the lake where you can take a boat ride, a play area, music and of course the Boston Ducks. Perfect place to come and relax where wildlife is abundant.


On the National Register of Historic Places, the library opened in 1852 as the first free, publicly supported library in America. You get to take a Trolley Tour, around the courtyard inside the Boston Public Library which is one of Boston’s hidden gems.The Boston Public Library is a beautiful structure, in the centre of the building, is a gorgeous courtyard with a beautiful fountain. A wonderful site. Between the two is a haven of tranquility in the form of a courtyard with fountain there are millions of historic books and buildings that will take your breaths away.


The theatre is gorgeous.When you walk into the Opera House you can’t help but admire the beautiful chandeliers, and the gorgeous architecture. It was stunning. They have amazing plays put up which will draw you in to the days of the past and you will forever be locked inside this magical place. In the days of modern concerts this is a place where you have to go to relive the history in its glorious way.


Learn about Boston’s thriving brewpub scene and taste roughly 18 types of beer on these guided morning and evening brewery tours. Get an inside look at how beer is made and become friends with the brewery owners and learn their secret tips. The tour gives an overview of Boston beer history. Plenty of beer sampling and gives you an in depth knowledge of whats going on in the brew world.


The red line on the sidewalk leads you on this 2.5-mile, self-guided tour of American Revolution sites. It starts at the America’s oldest public park, and ends at the famed Bunker Hill Monument.The Freedom trail never gets old. It is a great way to see the history of Boston and the country. The first half has most of what you see in a relatively close proximity. The walk from the Old North Church across the river introduces you to life in different forms. They have impressive sights and places to explore and be yourself. You can do the self tour yourself and take your time to cross the line and live the moment.


At the Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, you can be a part of the famous event that forever changed the course of American History! It’s more than a stroll through historic artefacts —it’s an adventure! This floating museum is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Live actors, high-tech, interactive exhibits, authentically restored tea ships and the stirring, multi-sensory documentary “Let it Begin Here,” are just a taste of what you’ll see, hear and feel. Meet the colonists, explore the ships and dump tea overboard.



The steeple of Boston’s oldest church triggered the War for Independence that led to the birth of America. On that fateful night in 1775, the two lanterns in the steeple told Paul Revere that the British were approaching by boat, not on foot. No, you don’t HAVE to stop into the Old North Church while touring Boston. But why would you want to miss it? The history here is really thick; you can almost picture the lanterns hanging from the top of the bell tower, and hear the horses as they started their ride to warn the early citizens of the British advance. This is a great stop for you to ignite your creativity and to take a piece of the history with you.


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