Five places must visit, if you are a traveler girl!

To travel is to wander, to discover and to find true happiness in every place that you visit. Traveling is a passion that nurtures everybody’s need. Be it a sense of calm, a much-needed getaway or a celebration, traveling to a place unexplored makes it every bit better. Amongst the family vacations, the couple rendezvous, and the school excursions, there are just some trips where you want to go and spend some quality time with yourself or with your girlfriends so this list will pinpoint you to your next travel destination. So get set go and pack your bags as you embark upon your journey.

1. Pondicherry – This little town that lies as a remnant of French India is a perfect place for much-needed RnR. Replete with pristine beaches, splendid landscapes, and the most delectable cuisine, Pondicherry is where you should be heading off to. Ideal for a girls trip with thrift shopping, sightseeing and spa getaways or a solo trip to find some peace and quiet in Auroville, walk around the quaint lanes or sample the delicious croissants baked fresh in the bakeries, everything is just the way you would want it to be.

2. Kasol – A small hamlet tucked away in Himachal Pradesh, Kasol is a sleepy little town that hosts several tourists all year round. Raw and exquisite, the place is an untouched paradise. Beside the river Parvati, feel in peace or indulge in some adventure activities to get your adrenaline soaring. Perfect for when you need some time away from everything, Kasol is where you can escape. The hostility of the locals, the scenic beauty, and the simple but varied cuisine is going to appeal to you right away.

3. Daman – Sand, salt, and sea. Daman is a miniature version of Goa in itself. Filled to the brim with churches that date back in time and dotted with beaches that spell the right kind of vacation, this underrated little haven is unquestionably safe for women to travel in groups or alone. Watch the sun dip low over the horizon as the sky is bathed in a riot of colors or wake up to the chirping of different birds that wander about the shores. Daman offers you tranquility and freedom, unlike any other place.

4. Ziro – Towards the northeast, in Arunachal Pradesh lies the Ziro valley, untouched, unexplored, untainted. With panoramic landscapes that you won’t find anywhere else in the country, the beauty of Ziro valley cannot be described in mere words. Visit this pristine paradise towards the end of September to get a glimpse of the Ziro Music Festival that features some of the best musicians and bands that create magic in the valley. Local food, good company, warm hospitality and a view to die for is what Ziro promises you.

5. Coonoor – A sleepy little town towards the Nilgiris, Coonoor has promises of charming homestays, mouthwatering local cuisines, sprawling tea gardens and plenty of filter coffee. Lush green and inviting, it is the place to sit back and relax with a cup of tea just brewed with endless conversations with your friends. Take a trek through the hills, watch the cascading Catherine falls or wander through the parks, everything is for you to explore. Go ahead and get your experience.

Hope you enjoyed the post. See you.


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