Follow these five tips to write content effectively!

Dear writers , or content writers being precise, a big Cheers! You must feel blissful, everyone needs you and your content. Not a single website, business organisation or blog runs without content, regardless of the types and styles of writing adopted. Especially for blogging , be it your own blog or if you’re a content writer for someone’s blog, the writing skills that improve the traffic and tantalise the readers are quite necessary. One of the top bloggers Simon Dumenco says-

Blogging is just writing — writing using a particularly efficient type of publishing technology

I know that a writer’s life usually be like eat, write, sleep. We put too many efforts, invest hours and hours on writing to our best. But, the painful scenario is when the expectations clash with the reality and the tables turn down, when we don’t find the audience sparing atleast one-tenth of the time we spend on writing it.There’s no point in getting depressed in such case, because every cloud has a silver lining. The art of writing is like an ocean and there’s lot to learn no matter how well we know the dos and don’ts of it. But it’s never impossible to master any skill, the more you practise, the more you learn. Here are the five amazing and useful tips to bring your writing skills from zero to hundred , real quick. Have a glance at them and get them out of your system!

1.Explore yourself

To do anything, this is the first step. There’s no good in barking up the wrong tree. You must discover yourself. Talk to yourself , what’s dragging you to do the thing? You’ll surely discover something so good about yourself, something which is your cup of tea.Then start focusing on that particular thing. In the case of content, not every topic grabs your attention. There’s something about yourself, about your interest, that you’ll find pretty interesting to write about, know that. Question yourself, what’s your niche? You’ll definitely know the answer. Start working on that particular thing. You’ll never get bored in your niche, move ahead!

2. Know your audience

This is the other important thing to remember. After deciding what you’re going to write about, you must know what the reader who comes to your site expects from you. This is the ultimate necessity as readers are the ones who can completely judge your work and who can increase your traffic which you consider the output of your work. Though none can mind-read what they wish to have on your site, it’s good if you consider the general opinion of your near and dear and keep on mind the requests you get in the comments. You can also try writing on contemporary or on-spring topics which apparently interest the readers.

3.  Choose a million dollar title and intro

Don’t judge a book by its cover is an old idiom. But the truth is everyone judges the book by its cover. It’s no wrong. This is a busy world and no one has the time to go through the entire stuff just in order to judge the article you write. So keep the title striking and attention-drawing that everyone who sees it can’t resist to start reading. And the second thing , hit the intro. The first few lines of the paragraph help the reader to decide whether to read the entire post or not. No matter how well you create the rest of the content, if the beginning isn’t interesting, the reader will never move forward to the next lines of the post. So write a super informative and grabbing  introduction of the topic which includes the basic outlook of what you’re going to cover in the further points and show them they shouldn’t miss that. Choose a cool featured or cover picture that tells all about your “what’s inside” stuff. Add proper captions and tags wherever possible to add little extra something to the images.

4. Keep optimal length and be informative

Many of you have the misconception that writing post with too many words will help them work it out. And in order to add length you add too much of origin and history details, too many quotes and unwanted information. This not only gets the readers bored but also makes them cranky. On the other hand, writing too short post isn’t either suggestible as all the required information can’t be covered and the post completes as soon as the readers get into the track.So its better to keep the length optimal and informative enough.Rather than beating around the bush, hitting the nail on the head works well. And the other thing is, try to divide and rule your topic. Don’t write in a whole single long boring paragraph. Instead prefer using headings and subheadings wherever required and discuss well under each subsection. This helps the readers feel good to move on to any section of the topic whichever they wish to know or focus on.

Do not write the information that isn’t required. Focus on the information that enhances the necessity to read the post. Collect interesting facts and real life stories that inspire and show impact on the readers. The content you write should be so effective that the reader should end reading the post with a sigh of satisfaction and commitment that they should plan for relevant stuff soon after the very moment. Don’t forget to add relevant pictures in the post as visuals convey information far better than scripts. Consider adding your self-clicked pictures whenever possible. This will be an added benefit!

5. Be unique in style

Content is something which should be created , not copied. Never try to plagiarize the content from any site or blog. Whatever you read on the other sites or blogs must just be to seek the information. You should observe the style of writing, style of vocabulary usage, type of content taken. But should not copy any of them. Create your own style of writing which is a far cry from others’. There are thousands of blogs and sites available today on internet. Almost all of them are informative and some are interesting too. When you try to write a topic it’s quite natural and okay that your content is similar ( as factual ) to that of others’. Then what is the thing that is going to make your post a far cry from others’ ? Your style. Yes, only that thing is going to make the difference. So maintain your own unique style which keeps you out of the crowd. You can do this by adding some fun and humour. Sometimes good sarcasm works well too. Adopt your own convenient style of writing by which your readers will recognize and differentiate you from other writers. But anything you add, shouldn’t be more than required as it may divert your readers from the actual topic.

If you follow these five simple tips, you’ll surely find writing more interesting and easier than you ever felt. It’s time to take a deep breath, grab a pen and take a plunge .Happy writing!

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