How to become a fashion blogger

I get so many questions from different girls from all over the country, with a central theme of how to become a fashion blogger. So, if you are passionate about fashion and want to start your blog. Then this post is definitely for you.

Nowadays blogging is not only a hobby, but many people are also earning millions of money from their blog. In fact, recently Harvard University included blogging as a subject. In today’s world blogging is now considered a legitimate career. However, blogging is not an exception and like every other field blogging also is very competitive (and need a lot of patience) and you’d have to play by rulebook if you want to be successful:

“Writing is the painting of the voice.”

What would help you in Fashion blogging?

  • Content – In any form of content business this is the most important part, and fashion blogging is no different. Always think out of the box. In starting you have to focus on your content and persistence in your work. Persistency is the key to a successful fashion blog. First 1-2 years you have to focus on quality content, without any second thoughts on how you’ll earn money. Build your own point of view with the public and build a connection. Brands will start noticing you automatically. Write your own inner thoughts, don’t focus on what other people are writing.
  • Blog– There should be a platform where you will share all your content. For this, you can buy your blog domain name from GoDaddy or BlueHost.
  • Photographs- “Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world”.  Not only content, but your images also should be good in your post. Images show true creativity of your understanding of fashion.
  • Target audience– After all these things, you have decided who is your target audience. What they want from your side? You have to know their interest. Why should they follow you? You have to understand your audience for success in the blogging industry. 🙂
  • Social media promotion: You need to promote yourself on all social media to increase the traffic on your blog. For this, you have to share your pictures and links on social media. Nowadays Instagram is becoming one of the demanding platforms for the fashion industry.

Hope this post helped you. We will be soon with a new post for fashionistas.

Till then stay sexy stay beautiful. <3


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