The potential of SEO in the business world is magnanimous. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a quintessential marketing strategy to improve the search engine rankings of your online portals. When your branding appears on the higher order of the search results, it increases the traffic to your portals, converting your visitors into clients.


In today’s market of cut-throat competition, search engines serve a humungous number of people all over the world.  So, if you’ve got an e-commerce store set up, how will you increase the number of shoppers dropping in at your online portals? SEO is the way to go!

When a user performs a search, he is most likely to log into one of the pages displayed among the top five search results. So, how will ensure that your webpages props up amongst the competitive bunch? Blogging is the answer. Now, if you’ve noticed every online store, from marketing giants like amazon to the smaller start-ups, have a blog associated with their e-store. This is because the content on your blog is that which gets scrutinized by the search engine algorithms to decide on the rankings. This is why SEO and blogging go hand in hand.



Now, how do you write to fit into the SEO framework?

Well, WordPress is the easiest blogging tool to search engine optimize your drafts. This is because, even a lame man with absolutely no clue of SEO writing can rework his draft using the suggestions that are provided by the domain to increase your SEO and readability score. Our portal, India Fashion Blogger is also a result of one such effort! So, if you aren’t using WordPress, chances are that you might be having a hard time figuring out the protocols of SEO writing. Worry, not! Read along to optimize your content to the SEO standard and secure the top positions on the search engine rankings.




Now, reputation cannot be built in a day. Make sure to include the likes, comments and subscribe features in your blog. The increasing number of click rates on wither of them will direct meddle with your search engine ranking; pushing your blog up the ladder.


Popularity and social are two sides of the same coin. Have you noticed your google searches displaying results, right out of the social media handle of Facebook or LinkedIn? Well, that is the trick! Synchronize your blog with its own media handles to ensure that your thoughts go beyond the geographic boundaries.


Once upon a time, keywords dominated the entire algorithm your search engines were based on. The age of pointlessly cramming keywords into your blog at unneedful passages have now vanished. The current search statistics demand writers to come up with their own set of keywords; words of the new lingo, that are unique and also prevalent enough among the masses to find their way to your blog.


Links is one major SEO strategy that has often raised the brows of every other individual. As a budding blogger, it will probably be difficult for you to figure into the user search. So, how do you put yourself to that bunch that has no idea of your existence in the internet world? Back linking will be your saving grace! When you are linked to others or linking others to your blog who’ve got reputable work that fits your blog’s credentials, they are definitely going to soar your SEO rankings past the radar!


Are you wondering what this is? If you’ve keenly followed our portal,, you would’ve come across an author icon at the top of every post. This portal is a collaboration of many talented writers. This fashion blog is a synergy of numerous potential bloggers with a distinctive writing style. When such varied talents show up on one platform, it is sure to generate unique contents for every post; thus paving its way to the top positons of the search list rankings.


A blog is not merely a perfect blend of unique thoughts that are beautifully put across in fancy words; images and videos form an integral part of every blog.  Videos generate a more dynamic content to your blog unlike images. However, you need to know when to use what. If you are going to put up a post on “the ways to style your dupatta”, then maybe a video content can work wonders. On the contrary, if your draft is about “wardrobe essentials”, then an image will do all the work. Make sure to add appropriate tags and complete the captions and alt-text field of every image entity.

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