How The Social Media Influencers Actually Influence our Lives!

Social Media is not about being personal and staying in touch with friends these days. It is also not about stalking your ex, checking out your foes or that girl you hate. It is all about the influencers who have taken over the social media. Honestly, we look up to the influencers and wait for their pictures on our feed. I was stalking my favorite influencers the other day, and a thought pop up in my head which was ‘How do these influencers actually influence us?” And my thoughts took me back into the time from when I started following these influencers. I compared how I was before following them and what I have become after following them. So, on the straight note, here are 7 reasons how these influencers actually influence their followers.

1. They directly influence our Lifestyle

Be it styling our rooms, shopping from luxury brands, going on staycations, taking a break from work, spending money on ourselves, taking trips and through a lot more ways they influence our lifestyle. I have never given a thought earlier that I would actually need a staycation somewhere to just relax and de-stress. This was such a great idea of self-investment and I cannot thank these influencers much for it.

2. They take you Along to Places

The lifestyle and the travel influencers are famous for traveling because that is their work and they earn through that. They travel to places that we have not even imagined to go or have thought it to be too expensive. They showed us how to pack for travel, how to book for the tour, how to choose places for travel, how to book the staying options and a lot more. They have made traveling abroad so easy and doable.

3. They are Unpaid Personality Developers

Have you read the captions of these influencers? They are so motivating. They are always encouraging us to own our problems, own our body issues and flaunt them, be confident in our own skin, be confident in what you are doing, and a lot more. One can relate to their motivational talks or sessions because that comes straight from their heart. They tell you to be who you are and own up yourself like a Boss.

4. They jazz up your Fashion Quotient

Now directly coming to the point, they are the ones who inspire us for being even more fashionable. They are ones who introduce us to the latest online shops, new boutiques in the city, new fashion trends, luxury shopping websites and a lot more. Through their pictures, blogs, and videos they teach us various ways of styling and doing fashion. They wear gorgeous clothes and influence us on how to look good every damn day.

5. Clicking Amazing Travel Pictures

I checked out my previous travel pictures before I followed these influencers and they were good but I would never click such pictures anymore. TBH, seeing those pictures, boy I judge myself. They influence us on how to make our travel pictures, stories, and memories worth it. They help us click amazing travel pictures basically they help us in having an amazing viewpoint and perspective about every small thing.

6. Do the Things you want and be Happy

They have taken up an unconventional career option and definitely, it must have been tough for them too. But see where they are now because of them taking risks for the things they love. They inspire us to be bold and give a shot to the things that we love. We need more people like them, don’t we?

7. Be Creative in Life

Look at their Instagram, blog, Youtube content and their life, it is so damn creative. They do so many things all at once and they are so appealing. This is inspiring directly and this helps us to try our hands on so many new things and learning them.

Are you influenced by these influencers after this? This was my take on how these influencers influence us in some ways. What is your take? Tell us in the comments below.

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