A unanimous thought that every girl agrees on is that trends continually change. Fashion is a timeless fancy because every other day we wake up to a new fad and embrace the trend of the day.  From pleated skirts to pencil skirts and from the classic bob to the long bob, we’ve always seen that what was in vogue now will take a backseat in no lesser than a week!

But that which doesn’t change is your style. Fashion is not just some random fabrics but a beautiful blend of your basic style with the fabrics. Fashion may go out of trend but your style is always in vogue. From high end to low-end labels, it is all about the thought we put in to pair up the beautiful prints. Our thought is our style.

Haven’t we all been in a scenario where we would stand in front of the wardrobe absolutely lost on what will suit the occasion? Do you feel that most of the clothes in your wardrobe have gone out of style?

Well, then you are wrong! Nothing ever goes out of style. The classic bob reinvented itself into a longer bob to contour your visage and the same holds true for the transition from pleated to pencil skirts. Your wardrobe is probably missing the staples that will work on styling your recent fashion fancy. Read along to know my 10 favorite wardrobe essentials that help me style every recent trend!

1. LBD – Little Black Dress


“LBD” must have been one word that we’ve always heard as kids but have never understood. But now as a teen adult, I ended up buying 5 little black dresses! The LBD is a classic wardrobe staple. Black is a foolproof way of getting dressed that blends with every skin tone. Such a versatile color on a short dress, be it bodycon, layered or flared, and a little bit of leg is the universal code of elegance, boldness, and beauty. Wear them just as they are or accessorize to a minimum with statement pieces and sometimes even a denim jacket for a chic look. The LBD will be your saving grace for every occasion, from a casual evening to a cocktail dinner night!

2. Denim jackets – an effortless style



Denims have been clinching craze with every passing year. Yet a jean jacket is often overlooked by most women. But you’ve got to know the idea of how a simple denim jacket will become your statement piece of fabric! Denims have a universal appeal and can blend in with almost every other outfit in your wardrobe. If you’re a sporty person then you might just roll your eyes on others who find it too boyish. But to all you elegant and delicate souls out there, the jean jackets are all-embracing! They can be worn over your silk camisoles for a funky look or even over your LBD or a maxi dress for a more authentic look. Denim works with not just denim but every other fabric!

3. A-line Skirts



Skirts come in many shapes, sizes, and pattern that picking one on a skirt that works well on every physique seems impossible. Do you feel that skirts will not smooth your curves and could give you a bulkier look? A-line skirts are to your rescue!

A-line skirts are universally flattering, beautifully blending your curves. They clinch you at the waist with a straight cut and flawlessly flow down until your thighs.  And the perk is that it is never going to eat up on your height. Go for a shorter hemline if you’ve got smaller legs else opt for a midi length to work wonders on your lower body.

From a cheerful, school-girl look when paired with a plain tee and a jacket, to a boss lady at work when worn with a white button down, these skirts will vibe with your soul!

4. White button-down shirt

women shirt

The classic white collared shirt is the real deal. The well-tailored crisp cotton or the smooth silk brings in elegance, grace, and fun to your regular look. Tuck it into your trousers or skirts, or hang it over your denims, knot it over your shorts and finish it off with a blazer or a jean jacket! When in doubt, go for the timeless classic of blue denims and a white shirt that flawlessly blends with every accessory in town! Having made several heads turn informal meets as well as a fun day of the stroll, you can never go wrong with this wardrobe staple!

5. Dark wash denim



Denim is my second skin. They are a classic symbol of style. Although they aren’t as comfortable as the trousers, they have managed to find their way into the closet of almost every individual. This versatile pair of denim is so easily cared for and have endless options for styling! A pair of denims paired with a plain crew neck tee, layered underneath a jacket, or, a chick white button down shirt that is layered beneath a blazer, coupled with chunky pieces of jewelry, are all that you need to make heads turnaround with the least effort. They can be dressed down or up to suit the occasion without the fear of wear and tear. Indeed, these eternal pairs of jeans is worth all the money spent on it.

6. Blazer



Are you wondering about the difference between a jacket and a blazer? Do you feel that blazers are just meant to give you a professional personality? Well, you are wrong then!

There would’ve been times when we felt that the jackets are too bulky to wear all day long. That is when you’ve got to try on a blazer. A blazer always dresses you up with almost no accessory. In fact, they are as versatile as your trousers. An elegant and a chic white blazer is a wardrobe essential that can never be compromised. They have a universal appeal, finding their way over your LBD, a plain tee and even your white collared shirt, adding an air chic sophistication to you.

7. Plain crew neck shirt

crew neck

plain tee


Yes, it is just a simple white tee. But wait, you are not going to be as simple as the tee when you perfectly layer it underneath a blazer or a jacket and beautifully blend it with your denims or aesthetic A-line skirts held together by a bold belt!

8. Belts and ballet flats and a tote bag

“Women are always late!”

Haven’t we all heard this? But yes, we do need time to match our earrings to our handcuffs and our toes to our bags. Is there a way you could do without your jewelry?

Indeed! Stack your wardrobe with a pair of neutral ballet flats, a neutral tote bag, and a wide belt.


Heels might be of fad but a pair of ballet flats is always comfortable and also shape your feet, giving them an edgy contour.


A tote bag is pretty big enough to hold all my essentials in a pretty organized way. It gives a professional as well as a carefree look at the same time based on the attire you team it up with.


A simple belt around your waist will do the magic. Wrap your waist in a wide belt when in denims, skirts and even dresses and take a look at the mirror to see the magic you’ve just created!

 9. Statement pieces of jewelry

statement chains

Minimalism has become the mantra of today. Of course, none of us would want to end up transforming into jewelry galore. Big and chunky pieces of jewelry will fill up the shoes of your thin light weighted chains and bracelets. This heavy metallic jewelry can accentuate even the simplest of shirts, giving you the dashing diva look and at the same time add a tinge of ethnicity.

10. Maxi dress



These flowy floor-grazers dress you up for every occasion, from the florals for a casual beach day to the chick collared white dresses for the corporate world, a single piece of clothing is all that you need. They are the most comfortable piece of fabric you could spot in your closet. Also, being in India, what would you wear for those ethnic festivals if you stack your wardrobe with skirts and trousers? Maxi dresses, again! They are the perfect fusion wear that beautifully blends your Anarkali to a dress. Wrap it around your waist with a belt and finish it off with a pair of flats or sneakers.

“And when you put these basics together”




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