10 best ways to make your Valentine’s Day fab!!!

It’s Valentine’s day! A day to show how much you love your dear ones, a day to pour your heart out to the very important people in your lives. Even though that can be done on any other day of the year, this day demands something special.
Gifts and flowers are not what makes this day special. Its the love that you have for each other, the memories you’ve made so far and the understanding you’ve built with each other that has to be celebrated. Here you can find 10 best ways to make your Valentines day Fab-

1. Starry night– grab your partner and move out to an open field. What can be better than lying under the stars with your partner next to you? Play some soft music and just talk to each other while you enjoy the beautiful night sky.perhaps later, you two can get on your feet and dance! You’ll surely go back home with sweet memories.

2. Surprise your partner by showing up to his/her house with Chinese food or whatever cuisine he/she loves the most. Connect a projector and watch your favorite movies together (Disney movies recommended). Think about it- you two on a couch with good food and favorite movies playing. What more do you need?

3. The cliché date– suit up! Show up at her house with flowers and chocolates and act like it’s your first date. Be the gentleman that you are and re-enact your first date. Her favorite restaurant’s reservation will just be the cherry on top. Go out and act like you’re still getting to know each other, like on any other first date. It’ll be a fun time for both of you.

4. Long distance relationship? Not a problem. We know it can get sad to not have your partner next to you on valentine’s day, but worry not, we’ve got a special idea to make your v-day memorable!
Set up a table with cutlery, plates and a glass. Ask your partner to do the same. Dressing up is optional. Put him/her on the video call and place your phone on the table. You two can order the same food. Eat and talk. Might not be the same as being together, but pretty you’ll get a good night’s sleep after it!

5. It’s always good to spend time together at home. How about you two head out to the grocery store, pick up some stuff and head back home to cook together? Doing things together helps create a better bond and that is something that we can surely do to strengthen it on v-day. Cooking/baking together might as well be fun and romantic. This fun date can end with reading something together or reading to each other.

6. If you and your partner are always down for the adventure, this one is for you. An adventure park! Be it Being at those roller coasters together, screaming at the top of your voice and feeling the adrenaline rush or just walking into a mirror maze- this date is 100% fun guaranteed.

7. Karaoke – For all the music lovers out there here is a fabulous idea to make your valentine’s day rhythmic. Keep all your favorite songs karaoke-ready. Speakers, lights according to the mood of your songs, a bottle of wine, a cozy bed or sofa are the must. Get cosy with your loved ones and start tuning your love with songs. Let the music speak your love.

8. OK, you have a cool car or a bloody cool bike, then what are you thinking of! Get the keys and off you go with your partner in crime. Go for a long drive, take many breaks and stops and make your loved one feel the love. Take the road not taken, feel the climate, click pictures and make memories. Also be safe and follow traffic rules (lol).

9. Wanna enjoy in a light game manner with your partner? Then have a healthy competition. Go to ARCADE. Get into a gaming area and get smashed. Don’t give up making your partner feel happy, instead compete with him/her and show your strength. Try impressing your partner, show off some.

10. Do you and your partner love dance, then here you go… Register yourself in a tango class for a day go there and move your feet together. Catch your partner and the beat at right times. Go for couple dancing; compete with your loved one in catching the moves. Create your signature moves. Dance for your favorite songs in an open moonlight area at night. Let the stars feel jealous of your love that shines more than them.

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