10 Things To Avoid This Valentine’s Day!

So Christmas just went by. So did New Years. And now the next best thing is Valentine’s Day.

Don’t sigh. It’s only overrated for those of you sitting in their homes with no partner to bicker with or at.

But regardless, in this article, I bring to you 10 things to avoid this Valentine’s Day, dedicated to people with partners or without, in love or even just testing the waters, basically anyone even remotely within the spectrum of love.

1 – Flowers: Don’t get them flowers. If you’re wondering why this is first on the list, you ought to put on your thinking caps. FLOWERS DIE. VERY FAST. Do you really want your grand display of love which you’ve so carelessly shown through a huge bouquet, rot and consequently be forgotten about in a week? No right. So, unless you’re planning on making a powerful statement by buying your partner Venus Et Fleur’s expensive collection of roses that last a year, really don’t bother. But (always a but) a rose or two never hurt anybody if you’re using it to highlight your actual gift. 

2 – Mixtape: There was a time when making a mixtape for someone was the topmost level of display of affection towards that person. But guys, this is the 21st century. And I know this era is all about digging up the classics, but let this one rest in peace. Your partner is very much capable of making their own playlist and making theirs for them is not the most romantic way to go about it in today’s age.

3 – Social Media: Valentine’s Day is a difficult day for single people who are too much on the social media. And let’s admit it, almost everyone is on social media these days. So, on 14th of Feb, I assure you it will be in your best interest if you steer clear of all your social media portals in case you’re single. Because all of your friends and enemies who are not, will take it upon themselves to flaunt their relationships that day, and it’ll be everywhere you look. And we don’t want that now, do we?

4 – Soft Toys: Soft Toys are cute. Very. But only if a 55-year-old little kid is holding it, not your grown up partner. And, most certainly please don’t go around buying a king sized teddy bear to make it seem less conventional and entirely ignore how flop the idea would be. We’re all grown ups and that calls for a gift that is not made of fur unless its haute couture or even better a puppy.

5 – Stag: Point 3 was not to wander around virtually. Point 5 is not to wander around at all. And note: this is for people who get extremely affected because they’re stag and honey, roaming around in a mall where couples are jam packed specifically for the purpose of celebrating their love, I don’t think that’s a good idea. But (again a but) if you can promise not to spiral into self loathing because of your lack of a partner, go ahead. Wander all you want.

6 – Chocolates: Everyone loves chocolates. If not love, it is undoubtedly a universally acceptable food item no one says no to. But sweetheart does that mean you’ll get your partner a basket full of chocolates that will last a year? Or even worse, gift them a small quantity of their favourite ones and get off easy? Are you sure gifting your partner a food item is the way to go about it? No, it’s not. But a pair or two to highlight your actual gift would actually be the perfect way to go about it.

7 – Promise Rings and Bracelets: Hell no! Until and unless you’re a two hundred and fifty perfect sure of your love for your partner, do not gift them any such thing. Because promises are special. They matter more than any materialistic thing. If kept, they can really change someone’s life and if not, ruin it just the same. So avoid making promises that seem worth expressing at that moment but are in fact extremely hard to keep; if you’re even a zero point one percent unsure.

8 – The Past: Don’t. Sweethearts, there’s a reason the past is called the past. Because it’s supposed to stay in the past. (Duh!) So under no circumstances talk about it if your romance is new. Understandably we all have our baggage, but trust me, the person you just started liking, is not ready to take it all in. Sure slip in a few instances from your past here and there so they know where you’re coming from but nothing too much too soon.

9 – Exes & Strangers: Take a piece of paper and write “No Walk-Ins or Exes Today” and paste it on your forehead. Because Valentine’s Day believe it or not is special for people in love. It’s about expressing emotions and being honest and happy. Not entertaining your ex-lovers because neither of you have anywhere to go or strangers for that matter who’re so desperate on the day that they’ll see anyone from anywhere.

10 – Love Is Out There – Last point of the article and a very genuine suggestion to everyone who is going to be single or heartbroken on the day, don’t doubt that love is out there. Because it is. Maybe it’s not the right time or the right place or not the right person around, but it is out there. Hope is what steers any ship. So, believe in love and hope for it to happen soon.

Avoid these 10 things and you might just have an Ok Valentine’s Day!

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