Everything You Need to Know About Makeup Sponges & Blenders!

It’s no secret that beauty blenders have taken the world of makeup and beauty by storm and have played a revolutionary role in the modern glamour industry. Just one swoop of egg-shaped blender on your face and the foundation just melts into your skin, giving your skin a flawless polish.

However, if you are one of the new users and still figuring out your way with the makeup blender, don’t worry we are here to explain you the ABCs and XYZs of beauty blender.

1.How to use a beauty blender

PAC beauty blender sponge

Since the time, beauty blenders rose to fame among makeup communities, there’s only one question running in all our heads; How do beauty blenders actually work? To answer that question, it is rather a fairly simple technique-

Step1: Make the sponge wet and remove excess water out of the sponge

Step2: Dab the sponge into some makeup and apply the sponge your face evenly for flawless results.

And voila! You have successfully mastered the art of using a beauty blender.

2.Types of beauty blender

From the time of its existence we have seen different faces of the makeup sponge, sometimes it’s an egg-shaped sponge, triangular, flat, curves and what not. The makeup industry really experimented with the shaped of cosmetic sponges.

Be it an egg-shaped sponge or triangular sponge, these makeup sponges serve only one sole purpose- to blend your makeup perfectly.

All you need to do is, find the one that suits you.

3.In daily makeup routine

A black-and-white shot of make-up brushes in glass jars

Doing makeup takes time, period. However, when you are in a hurry to hit the road every single day yet want to look flawless, makeup sponges lend a big helping hand in the process.

Squeeze out some foundation on your makeup sponge and dab it gently until everything blends in along with a quick swipe of mascara and lipstick and you are ready for your everyday routine. You can apply this technique to your everyday makeup routine for a flawless result. 

4. Cleaning and maintenance

Your makeup applicators become dirty and bacteria rode after a couple of uses, so it is pretty important to keep your makeup applicator and beauty sponges clean and fresh.

Tip to clean your beauty blender: Warm water and dishwashing liquid. Scrub your beauty blender gently for the best result.

You could use any technique you find convenient and gives you the best result.

5. Brands

Beauty Blender Original

The market is filled with diverse makeup sponges, but are they all good enough to win a spot in your makeup kit? To find the answer to this pressing question we have selected our pick for top five makeup sponges in the country.

1-The original beauty blender by BeautyBlenderThe original egg-shaped product that has revolutionized the beauty market is known for its smooth texture and blending efficiency.

2-Real technique miracle complexion sponge With flat edges and shaped curves, this blender is sculpted for full coverage of the face.

3-Nykaa BlendMaster Sculpting Makeup Blender Sponge- This high definition makeup blender is designed to provide full coverage of the face, with a comfortable grip and soft edges.

4-YPB Makeup SpongeThese makeup sponges are very much similar in shape to the original beauty blender. With a smooth texture and easy to apply edges, YPB Makeup Sponge is compact and friendly makeup applicator.

5-PAC Beauty Blender Sponge (Classic)- Designed for full coverage in every ridges and curve of your face, this blender provides a high definition coverage with its unique material that allows the foundation to blend perfectly in your skin.

Now that you have learned everything about  Makeup sponges, tell us about your favorite makeup sponges in the comment down below.


Featured image – http://www.beautyjunkees.com/

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