Thirteen must-visit places in Munnar, Kerala


Munnar is a heavenly hill station in Kerala state in the Western Ghats mountain range. It has greeneries, tea plantations, woods, backwaters, and wildlife. It has tea plantations established in the late 19th century. Whether you are planning for a family getaway or a lovely honeymoon or an adventurous trip with your friends, this divine place has got everything covered. From tea sips to body massages the place has everything you want. The place will mesmerize you with the fresh air and aroma besides the breathtaking view and adventures. A weekend gateway is not sufficient to get enough of this place. Signing off from the urban life and getting lost in these woods will make your vacation ethereal and spell-bound.

Here are thirteen things/places you must not miss out in Munnar:

  1. Atukkad Waterfalls
  2. TATA Tea Museum
  3. Top Station
  4. Kundala Dam & Lake
  5. Eravikulam National Park
  6. Suryanelli- Mountain Cycling
  7. Pothamedu view point
  8. Lockhart Gap
  9. Indo- Swiss dairy farm
  10. Echo point
  11. Spa and massage centers in Munnar
  12. Kalari Kshetra, Munnar
  13. Elephant arrival spot, Munnar



Atukkad is one of the top tourist places in Munnar. It is located between Munnar and Pallivasal in Idukki district. It is about 9 km from Munnar. This place is famous for its scenic beauty and trekking. The beautiful cascading waterfalls make the view exotic and leave you mesmerized. Monsoon is the best time to visit the wholesome beauty of this place. The place is also famous for trekking and hiking. Adventure lovers should definitely visit the place. Many tourists also bathe under the cold waterfalls and rejoice themselves in nature. There is no entry fee to visit this place. Just staring at the place in calmness is enough to get you peace and warmth. This place must be on your list if you plan a visit to Munnar.


TATA Tea museum is established in 2005. This tea museum is the first of it’s kind in the country which makes it a tourist attraction. It is also known as Nalluthanni estate. It is located in Idukki district. The place is famous for tourism, learning, and photography. If you are an enthusiastic learner, this place is for you. Here, they demonstrate a variety of tea and making processes. The entrance fee is 75 INR per head for adults and 35 INR for children of 6-12 years. The tea museum remains closed on all Mondays. Except that the timings are 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. For detailed information on tea making, visit the tea museum during the prescribed show timings.


The top station got its name as it is the topmost station in Kundala valley. This is located 32 meters away from Munnar and is the highest spot in Munnar(1700m). The hills around it are covered with beautiful shrubs and low-lying clouds making it the most picturesque scenery. Once in every 12 years, these shrubs blossom with beautiful blue flowers Neelakurinji and cover the mountain tops with scenic blue carpet. They bloomed last in 2018. This place makes you believe the miracles of nature. Also, this is the border point between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This place is historically known as trade and transshipment spot for tea plantations from Kerala to Tamil Nadu. The photography here can win you awards, trust me.


Kundala dam is Asia’s first arch dam in India. And the Kundala lake which is 20 km away from Munnar lets its visitors get fabulous views of majestic landscape and beautiful sunrise. For photography lovers, it’s best to hit the place early in the morning for the mist and sunrise makes the place totally worth capturing. The Kundala dam also provides boating facilities of many types: rowboats, pedal boats, etc. The boating experience here is refreshing and fun. Don’t miss it!


Eravikulam National Park is a 45-minute drive from Munnar. The park located in Idukki district alongside the Western Ghats. It is Kerala’s first National Park also known as Rajmalai National Park and has great historical importance. The park holds a wide variety of flora and fauna like elephants, squirrels, Nilgiri langur, Nilgiri marten, some rare butterflies,, rare tigers, Nilgiri wooden pigeons, etc. This park is famous for its collection of Nilgiri tahr ( Mountain goat which is most endangered). The park covers 97 sq km area. Animal lovers will surely get lost in the place. Wildlife photographers can’t just leave the place. Along with wildlife, the park has some amazing view of tea plantations and rolling hills which surely grab your attention.


Suryanelli is located in Idukki district. Mountain cycling one exciting thing to try for people who love adventures.  Your adventurous cycling trip will go alongside the aromatic tea gardens, forest areas, and grasslands. Take the NH49 route straight to the Tea factory. Choose the jeep track for safe rides. Though not easy, adventure lovers and riders would love these rides. This is a wonderful thing to do to rejuvenate from hectic schedules. The place has a variety of roads. All the guidelines for safety and cycling mechanics are clearly explained by the guides beforehand.


Pothamedu viewpoint is 4.5 km away from Munnar. This place gives you the excellent panoramic views of adjourning valleys. It is mostly surrounded by tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations. This is a perfect go-to place for people who love nature, trekking, hiking and mountain walks. To enjoy the view to the fullest, sip hot tea near the viewpoint. One can’t stop falling in love with the rolling hills, lush mountains, and mist. Photography is at its best in this place. The green blanket of plantations with serpentine roads makes the view fantabulous to watch and capture. There is no entry fee to visit this place.


This place is 13km away from Munnar, near Mattupattey dam on Munnar to Madurai highway. Lockhart Gap is also known as Lock Heart Gap as the gap between the two mountains looks like a locked heart. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to visit this beautiful place. The lush green valleys, calm mountains, air filled with the aroma of tea makes it a place to die for. Photography lovers should hit the place during sunsets to capture the orange glow of the beautiful sky. That is a scene worth capturing. The hilltops give a colossal view of tea plantations and valleys around. In the evenings the low-lying clouds lure you into a whole different world.

A historic cave named Malayil Kallan Guha is nearby this place. It has an interesting story. They say a thief used to live in this cave and rob the travelers passing by. This cave is also a must-visit. There are hotels and resorts close to this place with local guides who help you get along with the place. There is no entrance fee for Lockhart Gap. However, the roads are quite narrow hence remain closed during nights for safety purposes.


The indo-swiss dairy farm is launched in 1963 on the basis of a bilateral agreement between the government of India and Swiss Confederation. This livestock project is 3km away from Mattupetty dam which mainly aims development and research of cattle. Varieties of high yielding cattle are found here. New hybrid varieties are scientifically developed. The development of swiss brown, crossbreed suited for the state’s conditions is an example.

The dairy farm has well-maintained gardens, herbal plants, and choco plantations. It is an eye feast to find thousands of cattle grazing in the farm which spreads over an area of 191 hectares. The timings are from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. The farm remains open all days. The entry fee is as low as Rs.5 per visitor. While you are at it also check out Mattupetty dam, Shooting point and Echo point which are pretty nearby.


Echo point is one other tourist attractions in Munnar. It is located at a height of 600 feet. It is 15km away from Munnar located in Idukki district. As its name suggests, this place is famous for the phenomenon of echoing. Imagine how fun it is to hear your voice reverberate again and again in the greenwoods of a serene and calm place. The misty background surrounded by greenery makes the place gratifying beyond words. You can enjoy peaceful walks along hill slopes or go for boating in the calm waters.

This place is heaven for bird lovers. You can spot a variety of native birds here. The chirps and chatters surely will make your day. The place is great for photography as well. Do not forget to carry woolen clothes while you visit the place. The weather is cool and pleasant with the temperature usually ranging between 15 to 23 degrees. You can visit the place both in summers or winters. In monsoons, the rains can obstruct your plans hence not suggestible. If you have the plan to trek, a walking stick would be of help on the steep hills.


If you go to Munnar and miss out on the ayurvedic spa, you’ve missed a lot. There are a plethora of body massage and spa centers in Munnar you wouldn’t definitely want to miss. They include yoga and meditation classes, nasal medication, tissue massages and a lot more. They focus on ancient Indian as well as international therapies. The visitors can indulge themselves in various other recreational activities which include indoor and outdoor games. There are pools for kids and adults. Few centers include activities such as cooking classes, fishing, and a campfire.

In addition, they have multi-cuisine restaurants and excellently furnished rooms and hotels. They also have couple-friendly spa facilities designed for couples and with ample privacy and comfort. Anyone can literally relax and rejuvenate from the hectic lives by enjoying the body massage and spa here. Here are some famous spa and massage centers in Munnar: CHANDY’S WINDY WOODS SPA, THE BLISS MOUNTAIN SPA, AURA AYURVEDA AND SPA, OCEANA SPA, ANGELS AYURSPA, MAYURA AYURVEDIC CENTRE, PUNARJANI AYURVEDICS. You can check them out and know the details of price, facilities, etc.


Kerala is a land of excellent culture and history. To know the best about it you must visit Kalari Kshetra. This is a center that showcases the best of Kerala’s dance and other arts. Besides, it also conducts training classes for those wish to learn the dance forms. One such form is Kalaripayattu. Kalaripayattu is an ancient martial art which is now recognized as dance. This is said to be more than 3000 years old. Different types of martial arts like Kung Fu and karate are said to have originated from Kalaripayattu.

Also, Kathakali, the iconic dance form of Kerala is also showcased here at various shows and programmes. The best part about this dance is the awe-inspiring makeup that makes it exceptional. You can spend hours just watching the talent and expertise of the people doing makeup. Visiting this place, you will know a lot about the Indian mythologies and stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Do not forget to carry a camera/mobile to capture the wondrous scenes.


Elephant arrival spot is located 18km away from Munnar. This place is a route to Top station. As the name suggests, here you can enjoy wonderful elephant rides. Kids would love that. The rider of the elephants takes care of them and helps you mount them. It is so much fun to ride and explore the wilderness of the region. You can enjoy the fantastic view of lush green hills. These riders have a major concern for your safety. The elephants are well-trained and comfortable to ride on. There is no entry fee to visit the place and rides are quite inexpensive. It is open all days. The timings are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. This place is a must-visit in Munnar.


These are the top thirteen places you shouldn’t miss out in Munnar. If you haven’t been there yet, this should be one among your bucket list. Plan your next vacation to this peace-loving city to escape from boring routines and treat yourselves with nature’s bliss!

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