10 Things To Do At Sunburn Goa 2015!

Heya all!

As I write this post I flutter with excitement. Ask me why! We are all set to attend Asia’s biggest music fest! Take a guess? 😀 Yes yes! It’s Sunburn Goa!!! *Happy Dance* We have just received our tickets for Sunburn Goa and I can’t wait to spend three marvelous days dancing my ass off, attending those dark parties and of course witnessing the hotshot DJs. I am bloody excited. Yayy!

If you think dance and DJ are the only major attraction of Sunburn Goa then you gotta read this list. There’s way more to do at Sunburn Goa than regular normal stuff! *Wink*

  1. Eat! yes you heard it right the big thing about sunburn is that it happens in Goa and nowhere else in the country you find such splendid Portuguese cuisine, apart from this what better than to go with your fav drink after have danced your ass off.


  1. Dance! dance! and dance! What is the point of attending sunburn Goa and not dancing till your head is spinning and you feel like dropping unconscious, where else would you find such badass DJ’s and their sick music live at a place for three continuous days and nights.


  1. Dress sexy, Oh yes! After all it’s a beach and you should look like you’re at a beach, be it those sexy shorts or that crop top you always wanted to wear go ahead its sunburn, let those tan lines speak for themselves.


  1. CAMP! It’s cheap, it’s fun and it comes with lot of advantages over the boring hotel stay, get your friends to camp with you and what you have is a sandy beach, chilly breeze, moonlight and not to forget the sexy bonfire that you could do. Sounds exiting! eh? The possibilities are endless.


  1. After party! Yes it’s never enough at sunburn Goa, when I say never I mean it. Go ahead make new friends and party, don’t stop, even if the event is done for the day you keep on with it, go out dance to your cellphones even if you have to, and just don’t get out of booze it’s a spoiler.


  1. Cruise! Yes every year Sunburn organizes a Sunburn Cruise marching on the waves of Arabian Sea. Got tired of all the walking around and madness of the crowd, so cruising!


  1. You know it’s Goa and you cannot miss the opportunity to shop at some local flea markets. Trust me the local flea markets and pop-up shops near Sunburn are crazy and all you fashionistas can get real crazy stuff! I am making my list! Are you? 😀


  1. Make new friends, music always brings people together and trust me you will find yourself surrounded with people, go ahead talk to them, dance with them, eat with then, sleep with them! 😀 (that is subjected to your interest) but yes make new friends you never know you might find new friends for life.


  1. Hook up! 😉 After all you’ve worked hard enough through the year and it’s time to let it all go. If you are single, you then shall find yourself in the land of opportunities. Go ahead life is too short not to give in to the temptation and what better place to do that than the sunburn Goa. Yeah! you know what I mean. 😉 *wink*


  1. Dimitri Vegas! KYGO! Martin Garrix! David Guetta! Need I say more? 😀 They are your ultimate reason to be at Sunburn Goa. They will be playing every night from 27th to 30th Go and witness the splendor of their music and let yourself sink in. This is going to be one hell of an event. 😀



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