10 Wardrobe essential that make you instantly more attractive!

I do like , when girls didn’t try hard to look attractive ,as it’s not possible for everyone to buy clothes and Accessories everyday from  High brands. To go with priority is always the key. There are certain essentials which should be in your wardrobe. Confidence comes when you feel good and when you feel good you look good .  Every women want to look attractive that eventually enhance your personality and make heads turn everywhere you go .

In this post, I  am going to  mention certain essentials which instantly make you look more attractive and eventually you must be feel good thereafter .

Let’s Get Started

  • The Basics – Don’t Let the Term “ Basic “ fool you. Dressing up with your basic essence is so attractive . You look simple , sophisticated and so easy . Even our celebs also pull off the Basic look mostly .
  • The Cold shoulder – The Best thing Cold Shoulder top ,they always appear to make you look slim.Cold shoulder top comes in variety ,you can opt for any of them .They all looks so so glamorous .Our Bollywood actress styles even can’t resist without them.
  • The Little Red Dress – Red is a versatile color. Red always had some extra ordinary vibe ,if you wear this colour this always gonna bright up your face and can go for  any skin tone.The Little Red dress is a must  in your wardrobe .Opt for a plain red dress with minimal jewellery and you are ready to go .Red colour is the most sexy colour which surely make everyone look ravishing.
  • Skater Skirts – It looks super posh and fashion, in a very glam way with classic pumps, stilettos & high heeled shoes.A blazer will keep the look chic & sophisticated, a leather jacket will make it edgy and a jumper will make it a bit bohemian. High heeled ankle boots make it all look a bit rock’n roll but still girly enough, flat boots are for a casual edgy style, and ballet pumps for those days when you’ve got a lot of leg work to do, but still wanna keep it girly. For the most adorable style,  mix your skater skirt with tennis shoes. 
  • Well Fitted Jegging and denim  – Select denim and jegging perfectly according to your size . They are not only a wardrobe staple, but they definitely take your look up by a notch. You can team well-fitted denims with just about anything and make heads turn in your direction.
  • The Neckpiece- Whether it’s a single pearl or a cute cluster of diamonds,  they will add a personalised touch to your look and definitely make it seem like you put in some thought while getting dressed up. You should own a choker and neckpiece according to your choice so that they can work as charm on your look. 
  • The Pumps – Adding those few extra inches to your look, a pair of high heels can also make you look smart. Pair them with your favourite denim and a classic white shirt or with a sailor dress and we guarantee you’ll look a class apart, instantly!
  • Leather Jacket – I think it’s a little bit vintage, but also a little chic, even also a little rough-looking.They should  stay forever in your wardrobe.
  • Go Backless – If you are going in a party ,find a perfect .  They always look stunning and make you  look more sexy.
  • Layering – Layering your clothes over shorts or maxi dress or any other outfit instantly make you look stylish. Layering your clothes are always good options ,hide your love handles and yet very comfortable.

Even the tiniest of fashion accessories sometimes have the power to make some outfits look So appealing. Now  you know what to do next time if you’re gonna stuck in a fashion dilemma!

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