20 places to visit in NYC!

Hello world, it’s a wave from NYC! With people often planning their trips to the New York City and looking around for guides and people who can direct them to the spots for attractive tourist destination, articles such as these which tell you some of the most iconic places to visit in NYC while you’re there are a God sent navigation to make sure you do visit the place while you are visiting the place. Here, I have a list of other ten places which you can check out, of course, once you’re through visiting the spots mentioned in our previous article:

1-One World Observatory

In spite of occupying floors 100 through 102 of the tallest building to ever exist in the Western Hemisphere, you can reach this observation deck in just 60 seconds by using a set of so called ‘Sky Pod’ elevators. For the experience of their iconic interactive tour ($32, seniors $30 and children $26), the guests are made to walk through some of the substratum which is the foundation of the building before one enters the elevators. These are fitted with a bunch of floor-to-ceiling LED screens which are showing a video based on the history of the building and the city itself. Once you’ve reached the top of the building in the videos, the screen concludes and the screen is lifted up which reveals a… wait for it… 360-degree view of the Manhattan skyline!!!

Once you’re done soaking up the mesmerising sight, you can head to the One Café for a very minimal fare. I would suggest one mix for small plates and cocktails or, if you want the gem, then one dine for a full dining experience that will never leave your memory lane. You’ll have tonnes of memories with large windows looking onto the horizon. These require prior reservation.

2-The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Expansive cannot even begin to settle for describing this massive Manhattan institution. It’s one of the spots in the New York city where you can actually manage to spend an entire day and plan to come back without losing your interest for the next. Once behind the doors of this neoclassical façade, you’ll face the 17 curatorial assortments of artefacts which effortlessly span myriad eras and cultural outlooks, from primitive Egyptian artefacts to contemporary photography. To those who seek to satisfy their anthropological inquisitiveness, I’m talking to you: You can reconnoitre the extensive collection of musical instruments, armour and weapons and or the Costume Institute’s epochs of wearable art pieces. And for people like me who are dedicated museumgoers and have made their way through the permanent collections—an admirable accomplishment— special expositions merit return for visits year after year. The recent chartbusters have inspected the career of the late designer Alexander McQueen and featured the works of Pablo Picasso. This place is a heavenly delight for those who ‘Smile…’ while visiting any museum because ‘it’s sunrise…’.

3-The High Line

While you’re in NYC, you’ll realise that there indeed are a few places which are more pleasant than a sunny afternoon on the one and only, High Line. NYC’s only park which is elevated is one of Manhattan’s most popular spots for tourist destinations, and it’s pretty easy to see why. A rail track that ceased to be useful after the year 1980, this High Line was revived as a 1.45-mile-long green space in the year 2009. Now, it runs from Hudson Yards to the northern edge of Chelsea. In today’s time, it’s a Metropolitan’s playground which is decorated with wildflowers and grasses for the essence of beauty, offering some of the best sights to the walkers of NYC. These features make the park concurrently apart from the city and yet, makes it an involved part of it at the same time.

4-Theatre District

Annually, about 13 million tourists and locals assimilate ‘Broadway’ shows at one of NYC’s 40 Broadway theatres. A lot of these are located at the infamous theatre district— that is roughly, 41st Street to 52nd Street and Sixth Ave to Eighth Ave. Every season, new wave of mega musicals, star-driven revivals and plays are brought to the. Some brag gold from the Tony Awards. Be sure to take your seats before the current rises!

5-Rockefeller Center

You will never fail to find ample of iconic New York sites in this multi-block complex of the main city: The ground level solely is home to the ice-skating rink which is always tourist – packed, the bronze Atlas statue and the Today show plaza that makes everyone stop in their tracks. A little higher up, the top of the Rock counterparts the Empire State Building in panoramic city viewing. Believe me, it will make you gasp.

A piece of information: you may not be able to access the five private rooftop gardens if you’re not a Saturday Night Live cast member. Nonetheless, you can still peek at the spaces mentioned from Saks Fifth Avenue’s eighth-floor shoe department, if you’re curious and want to experience and not, at once. No special credentials are not required for the same except if you’re intending to check out the Art Deco murals that come into view in several buildings.

Please, for the love of god, don’t miss the triptych above the outdoor entrance to 5 Rockefeller Center or the rink side Prometheus statue; they both allegedly contain secret Freemason symbols. Who’s Zodiac Killer again?

6-Grand Central Terminal

Okay, admittedly this isn’t a good place to start your tour. For over a hundred years, this transportation hub has guided thousands of daily commuters through its halls and concourses.

Theoretically, it is a passage for those looking to go elsewhere, yet, the building is certainly a destination for visiting in its own way, which is why I said don’t begin your tour here.

Displaying the splendid Beaux Arts framework, this terminal is a manifestation of both form and function, beauty and work alike. Familiar and prominent topographies include the domed, constellation- ornamented ceiling and the four-faced opal clock icing the main information booth, both of these are located on the Grand Concourse. Above the 42nd Street entrance, you shall find the symbolism of Mercury, who is the god of travel and an ornate Tiffany-glass timepiece. If you miss this though, your tour will be incomplete.

7-Prospect Park

Once Olmsted and Vaux unveiled Central Park in 1859, they turned their attention south to create this pastoral Brooklyn destination that we today know as the Prospect Park. With plenty of room in the Long Meadow and Nethermead for the visitors to soaring experience paradise on the luscious patches of grass, while the Ravine, a towering native forest, offers a copse respite incomparable in the region, this place should be on your list, yesterday!

City planner Robert Moses was after 20th-century additions like the zoo and the bandshell, where ‘Celebrate Brooklyn!’ entertains free top-notch concerts during the entire summer. The Lefrak Center at Lakeside hosts amazing roller dance parties in the summer and hosts ice-skating in the winter, seasons at their best, eh?

8-Whitney Museum of American Art

When Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, a sculptor and art patron, commenced the museum in 1931, she devoted it to living American artists. Today, the Whitney holds about 19,000 pieces by nearly 2,900 artists, which also include people such as Alexander Calder, Edward Hopper, Jasper Johns, Georgia O’Keeffe and Claes Oldenburg. Yet, people know it for its temporary shows, particularly the Whitney Biennial. Held in even-numbered years, the Biennial is among the most respected valuations of contemporary art in America. The 2015 opening of the Renzo Piano-designed organisation near the High Line drew approval and fame for its sleek and simplistic layout.

9-Bronx Zoo Wildlife Conservation Society

If you’re a science enthusiast, this place is for you. Keeping Cobras and peahens apart, this wildlife park harvests admirers far and wide for a vast number of reasons and approximately 5,000 animals call it their home. Sauntering through the 265 acres, visitors often spot exotic and endangered creatures as the Coquerel’s sifaka, the fossa and snow leopards. Some of the common and liked ones, such as gorillas and polar bears, also exist in at the nature park. You must keep an eye out for the daily penguin and sea lion feedings.

10-New York Botanical Garden

Last but not the disappointing one, every city park as we know it, offers its own variety of luxuriant escapism. But, this rich area goes beyond reformed vegetation.

In addition to accommodating bands and strips of eye pleasing vegetation—including the 50-acre forest, containing some of the oldest trees in the city—this botanical garden nurtures a schedule of shows that bow to the world’s most beloved green spaces, such as the regal grounds of Spain’s Alhambra palace and Monet’s alfresco sanctuary at Giverny. Check here for another 10 places. 10 Ultimate places to visit in New York!

So, which ones do you plan to visit?

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