4 Blouse Designs to rock your traditional look on this Diwali!

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As we all know Diwali is just around the corner and “I don’t want to look good” said no girl ever. It’s the time we take out our traditional outfits and dazzle the night away. Today I bring you a few blouse patterns that you could opt for to give your traditional saree an edgy look.

1. Cape Blouse

This particular design is one of my ultimate favourites for it’s a complete package of glamour and drama. This particular design would go really well with soft, muted and pastel colours making it the perfect choice this festive season.


2. Worm Back

I call this this design the worm back because of the fabric ball detailing that it’s got. If you’re opting for a typical traditional saree like a Benarasi Saree or a South Silk Saree. In my opinion this design would be a star if your saree has the glossy finishing too it. This kind of a blouse would embrace your overall look.


3. Bell Sleeves

This is the kind of pattern to opt for if your saree is in one colour, using a contrast colour for the main body of the blouse and the blouse piece provided as the bells in the sleeve. Or it if you want to add some oomph to your long sleeve printed blouse.


4. Block Colour Design

These are the most playful designs you can think off. I mean you have one colour to do all the talking and expressing.

Before I sign off all I want say to my readers is that be creative I’m sure we all can let our imagination run wild and come up with something unique, something that defines you as a person and your style. Wish you and your family a Happy Diwali, have a safe Diwali and burn less crackers.

Bye-Bye until next time.

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