9 Perfect home remedies to get rid of pimple scars!

So whats the worst thing that can ever happen to us. Oh yes! Pimples, it ruins our day doesn’t make it, especially when it leaves dark spots behind. While most scars fade on their own after months a few stay longer, like desperately wanting to become a part of you. I know how hard that its well the sad part is we cannot make them disappear overnight but what if I tell you there are a few home remedies you could try to make them a bit sooner.
Acne can be of different reasons like genetics or by poking and pinching of your skin and also because of dead skin or accumulation of bacteria.

Here are a few remedies that will help you remove your acne scars naturally and restore your healthy glowing skin.

1-Tomatoes :


Oh yes! Tomatoes can save your day with the carotenes present in them they are antioxidant compounds that can help heal damaged skin and induce their regrowth. So try rubbing tomato slices on scars to reduce marks. You can also make a DIY mask and add tomato juice to it to replenish your skin.

2-Cucumber Juice:

Cucumber juice is an ideal skin toner, which improves the texture of the skin. Cucumbers reduce inflammation, soothe the skin and heal the scars caused by acne.you can make cucumber paste by grinding it and apply it as a mask too. Also, note that eating cucumber can add a glow to your skin and can prevent pimples.

3-Sandalwood Paste:

The word sandal can heal everything, yes you heard me right literally everything. Its soothing smell can improve both insides out.Apply a mixture of sandalwood paste in rosewater and leave it on your face overnight. Keep doing this, and you can see the magic happen.sandalwood has been one of the traditional, essential elements in India for many years and you will learn why.

4-Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is one of the most popular remedies for curing acne problems. Apply this diluted oil on the spots affected by acne. The oil consists of terpinene-4-ol, which eliminates bacterial activity and easily kills the bacteria permanently. It also avoids further growth of it.

5-Egg Whites:

Egg whites are easy to obtain and are effective in treating acne scarring.  Apply egg whites on the scars and leave it on overnight to get the best effect. Eggs contain an enormous amount of protein, and by applying that directly to your skin, you can speed the healing. By directly using proteins on your dead cells you can boost the speed of your recovery of the tissues.

6-Turmeric :

Plants such as turmeric, aloe vera can help your dark spots fade.Turmeric is an ancient medicinal plant that has been in use for more than thousand years. Did you know women used turmeric to bathe just to avoid skin problems? Well, it’s time we bring the custom back. Sage and Aloe Vera are well known healing agents, which can bring relief to acne scars.

7-Apple Cider Vinegar:

It is a good toner that helps to improve scars and acne marks. Vinegar is a powerful astringent that also stimulates blood flow to areas, which speeds healing and regeneration of cells.but when you use acids on skin make sure you use the right quantity and if you aren’t sure you can always make face masks and then use it along with it.
8-Lemon Juice:

Isn’t lemon one remedy for everything isn’t it? Apply freshly squeezed juice from limes or lemons on the scars, then leave them for a while before washing them off. The bleaching property of lime juice makes the marks less visible. Lime juice also helps in the removal of dead skin cells and the regeneration of new cells, along with improving the elasticity of the skin.


Honey is a natural moisturizer, which is used in the treatment of acne scars.honey not only fades the scars but also heals your skin and leaves it smooth and moisturized. Apply honey and leave your skin to be born again.

Apart from these home remedies, it’s also important to take necessary measures also to prevent them.
1.Hydrate: Drinking water can help flush toxins out of your body and prevent acne
2.Proper diet: Make a healthy meal with more greens and less of meat which will raise your body heat, which is one main reason for pimples.
3.Take proper care: Take good care of your face. Wash it well and always moisturize it.


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