9 Electrifying eye-makeup looks that everyone must try!

                                                         ‘Eyes are the opening to your soul’

Makeup may not be your kind of thing, but the eye makeup is something that everyone is ready for. It decides your look and gives you an extra dose of confidence. Your entire perspective changes with the right eye makeup. It is fun yet conquering. It makes you feel royal and classy. It helps you make a statement with just a wink.From mascara to eyeshadow, eyeliner to brow pencils there is a million colors available to suit your mood, character, and vibe.

Here are a few eye makeup looks that every girl must try.

1-Sexy cat eye:

Cat eyes are the first classy yet royal look you could flaunt.
And it’s the easiest if you have very less time to get ready. Curl your lashes and wing it thick to create the sexy cat eye. Use a very mild eyeshadow that goes well with your skin tone, and you can also add shimmer at the corners to perfect the look. Cat eyes are ideal for any mood or day. They are simple yet ravishing, and that’s a dangerous combination.

2-Candle lit eyes:

Not everyone can pull off this candlelit eye makeup look. The candlelit eyes are the warm faded effect that taupe, pink and gold around your eyes. It mimics shimmery shadows like you are sitting by candlelight. And all you need is the brown liner and some shimmer shading along your creases and bottom lash line along with shimmery gold in the inner corners. The candlelit look is just so dreamy that you can’t resist.

3- Bronze smoky eyes:

The bronze, copper and brown smoky looks is a perfect date-night look or even a girls night looks, and they go well with any eye color. Bronze shadows work for every tone and color. Use a damp brush for the eyeshadow for it to stay active and longer. Darken your lash line with a shadow liner to make your eyes pop. You can add slight shimmer or copper shadow to highlight. Add a dash of gold around your inner corners, and you are ready to set the world on fire.

4-Tropical teal :

Adding a dark color to your eyes is never too much.Wake your eyes with a champagne colored shadow and blend it in.Add a pop of color to your lower lash line and run the eye pencil over your lower line and also between your lashes, so your entire lash line is colored teal.

5- Sexy shimmer:

What is better than shimmer? The sexy shimmer look is mesmerizing and breathtaking for its shimmer everywhere. Apply a shimmery shadow as your base and add some bronze shadow along with it. You can intensify your corners with a black or dark brown shade. Line your eyes; you can also go for a cat eye to complete the look.


6- Colour it bold:

be it a muted orange or a dashing pink there are so many colors that bring out the bright competing woman in you. You can pick some loud colors like yellow and mix it up with another bright shade of orange. There’s also the blue and purple combo which works perfectly together and leaves a show-stopping look.If you are a brown-eyed then go for the plum shade with a little gloss. When you go for the bold look, pick vibrant colors and blend it with its similar tone for a dazzling look.


7-Sultry rocker :

Sultry is the new sexy! What if I tell you-you needn’t wait until the morning to wear a smudged sexy eye makeup look. To create the perfect yet imperfect sultry look the tip here is to wet everything your shadows and base. Line your eyes and coat your lids from lash line to crease. Cover the entire eye to go for a sooty effect and then add some gun metal grey liner to define. If it still isn’t perfect smudge! Smudge till you get it right.

8-Metallic halo:

If you want to pull your thunder sky then  metallic is what will help you. The metallic colors send energetic vibes. First, choose your metallic color you could always go for moon dust or the classic silvery edge. Go with a regular base and dab the luscious metallic cream all over you can also add gloss if you are craving for a little sparkle.


In case you want to go crazy then this is exactly what you are looking for. Yes, you can pick two different colors and create a two-toned eye makeup look. In case you aren’t sure it’s going to work go for darker shades like dark orange and black. Black is a classic component you can use with brighter or cooler shades to create this look.

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