5 Famous Bengali sarees you need to know!

Indian traditional clothing has always been elegant. Being an Indian woman, there is nothing more appealing than a traditional Indian saree. Thanks to the rich and varied culture of India that has blessed us with dozens of different sarees and draping styles. When it comes to tradition and fashion, costumes of Bengal has a lot to give.  The rich conventional culture of the area has energizing handwoven sarees.

In Bengal, there is a special way of wearing sarees, called ‘Ath Poure’, that differentiates Bengali women look from the rest of India. Bengal is the home of a number of sarees like Gorod, Baluchari, Murshidabad silk, Tangail, Tusser, Tant. All these are handwoven and created by the local Bengali artisans. Even the texturization of each saree and bodywork has some story to tell.

Today I am going to talk about Bengal’s some famous sarees, it’s history and the rich cultural value associated with it.


It is the most famous Bengali saree and I am sure you must have seen Korial sarees in Bollywood movies a lot of times. It is the plain classic white saree with a red border. Especially worn during Durga Puja. The simplicity and timeless beauty of the saree in Bengal make the celebration even more special. Grab the look by wearing a big red bindi, casual bun and some golden pieces of jewelry. Accentuate your features with red lipstick and kajal and you are ready to rock.

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Tant popular among Bengali women for every occasion and event since they are relatively cheaper. It looks great on casual occasions and women of all ages. The striking thick borders and ornate pallus give the saree a distinct flavor. These sarees are intricately woven using a slew of Indian motifs. Most common motifs are paisley, floral, royal palaces, elephants, stars, blue sky, and much much more.

Drape a tant saree for that graceful appeal and pair it with beautiful stone studded earrings and a clutch.

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A small village named Baluchari is the home of Baluchari sarees. This five yards saree generally has floral designs that make the body, while the pallu has scenes from mythological texts. Traditional weaving methods make the saree light and comfortable.

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4-Daccai Jamdani

Before the partition, Jamdani was produced in Dhaka only. However, a major part of Jamdani is now produced in the state of West Bengal. It is generally transparent, lightweight and woven with a mixture of silk and cotton. The touch, and feel of Jamdani are supple and soft making it an ideal option for Bengal’s humid climate. It takes around 2 months to weave one saree. It is a must-have for high profiled events, parties, weddings.

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5-Tussar Silks

Malda, a town in West Bengal is known for Tussar silk. It is textured and cultured from the hives of mulberry. They definitely are symbols of the state. Typically, the patta and the buti style of this saree is famous among Bengali women. Also, the kantha stitch work is most often seen on Tussar silk sarees.

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We all know that  West Bengal houses some of the best designers, like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Anamika Khanna, Monapali, and Kallol Datta. They all are working towards bringing the traditional handwoven sarees into light by giving them a unique twist and turns. Fashion may come and go, but the ‘saree’ will remain the epitome of culture for Indian women.

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