How to wear a cape : styling tips 101

Capes are something that can overturn any simple look into a dressy one. These are super in-trend and they never fail to make a statement when worn. However, they can’t be worn over everything unlike normal jackets and shrugs. This is where people stumble in style. A perfect balance should be maintained in the pieces of outfits when you wear a cape. Here is a guide that will absolutely help you know different types of capes, and different looks you can put together with the same to stay voguish and chick!

1. Blazer capes

Blazer capes exactly bring the look that a blazer does : office friendly and stylish. Playing with colors and changing the bottoms you can switch between different looks. Top knot and high heels look amazing with them. However, boots can make the outfit look more formal. Here are some outstanding blazer looks!

The nude magic!

Perfect office look!

With leather tights & heels!

2. Sweater capes

Sweater capes can be amazing for winters. We usually want to escape from the boring sweatshirts and want a break from them. Sweater capes will do the thing in such times. They look trendy and smart. Here are some brilliant looks!

Casual denim look!

With tights & boots!

Fall fashion!

3. Tartan capes

Tartan capes bring the best out of any outfit. They look great when paired with any kind of blouse. The thing with these capes is, you can pair them with literally anything : dress, tights, shorts, denims, skirts and more. Pair with white or black flapped blouse to give a contrast to the tartan patterns. Wear your favourite hat to completet the outfit. Check out some cool looks below!

Retro magic with a skirt!


With a dress & hat

Black on black!

4. Shirt capes

If you do not want overrated styles and love to look simple yet adorable, you must try these shirt capes. They look super pleasant and bring vintage vibes. They are good for casual wear. You can stand the style and stay light and comfortable at the same time.

Vintage style!

Tights are rights!

5. Long capes

Long capes aren’t today’s thing. They were worn in ancient days and were called cloaks then. Lately, they took rebirth in fashion and are ruling the trend now-a-days. They add statement to any outfit you wear. They make you look smart and resilient. Tans and dim shades are good to choose as bright colored ones splurge too much and often look extravagant. Here are some fashionable looks!

Formal look!

Monochrome chic look!

Striped fashion!

6. Blanket capes

Blanket capes , as the name suggests are pretty much suitable for fall. They keep you warm and make you look astoundingly sharp. You can go for any patterns and colors. Sun glasses and knee high boots usually enhance the look. You can wear them particularly over slip tops and short dresses since these capes help you feel light from inside and covered from outside. Check out few pretty looks below.

Playful hues!

Over a little black dress!

Casual with tans!

7. Sheer capes

Sheer capes are so feminine and gorgeous. Just make it a part of your outfit and I’m sure you will look lovely and pleasing. These are so popular and considered perfect for weddings citing the flair it adds to the outfit. They can be worn over lehengas, sarees, slip tops, bodycon dresses and many more. The only thing to remember is that contrast doesn’t work at all when sheer capes are concerned. Self coloured or light colored capes always stand out from the rest. Embellished capes are also worth trying. They can elevate any plain outfits. Here are some gorgeous looks!

Elegantly bridal!


The princess cape!

Bollywood saree style!

8. Cape dresses

Wanna look like a model or a fashion blogger? Grab a cape dress and fake a still. These dresses are super iconic and swanky. They look more adorable when paired with knee-high boots, perfect tote, and bold makeup. They definitely make you look like a fashionista. Check out few super stunning looks below!

Slaying navy!

Black and white grace!

Scintillating red!

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