5 Jewellery designers you should look upon for perfect accessorization for your look!

Hello, fashionistas,

Seems like you’re all set for the day’s outing. Is there something missing? Does it feel that maybe one pair of earring or a ring could take your outfit to another level of appeal? Or maybe it’s a scarf, or a ring, or a bracelet, or a necklace? Well, you’re not wrong.

Jewels, in all form, have always been an essential part of our culture(s) since ancient times. It is not just for the adoration of one’s beauty; it serves different purposes that are significant to us. In the contemporary society, jewelry and accessories are the new fashion statement which enhances the façade.

It is not limited to the women in today’s time; men wear jewelry too! Be it a ring, band, ear stud, or a bracelet to give an edge to their look and personality. If we trace the history back to a few decades ago, the only two prominent metals used to forge pretty jewels such as necklaces, armbands, waist-bands, rings, earrings, nose rings, headbands, and anklets were gold and silver. But today, other materials have taken an equally prominent importance in the industry of ornaments such as platinum, diamond, ruby, emerald, pearl, and other colored stones are used to make attractive jewels.

I mean, can you imagine your best friend’s wedding without those matching earrings? No, right!?
Why only jewelry!? If you want to be called a fashionable girl, then all the fashion accessories, including jewelry, are very important for you. A Manish wardrobe is not the definition of fashion nowadays, it’s not nearly enough.

To have your look completed, you need to equip yourself with the suitable accessory. Heels? Bags? Ornaments? Hairpins? Hairbands? You need that, babe! Unless you want to feel vacant and empty and something’s is missing and OH! MY GOD, WHY WOULD YOU EVEN WANT THAT! To keep up with the latest fashion, accessories are very important; the absence makes you feel incomplete while dressing up!

Like I discussed before, jewelry is an essential part of the fashion statement. The type, design, material, and style vary for both the genders and all the age groups. Children and teens like plastic and glass jewelry ornaments because they prefer having colorful jewels. Unlike us, who are always trying to match the stones with the color of the belt and the shoes.

Women are observed to prefer diamond rings, diamond bracelets, charms and necklaces for special occasions such as an engagement and for a wedding, precious stones jewelry. Men, on the other hand, wear large pendants and large rings with a cross or any other symbolic sign which are rather minimal in nature. Silver chains and bracelets are also best for men. (Sallu Bhaaaiii!)

Necklaces around the collarbone look very appealing and attractive. It can go from being a minimal choker to an ethnic band that covers the entire nape. In the daytime, long necklaces look better while at night, shorter ones or pendants steal the show. Again, men are known to wear chains that are usually made up of metals like gold, silver, platinum or steel with a cross or a religious sign. I’m not stereotyping because I personally love the skull jewelry.
Accessories such as bags or shoes or watches or hairbands or eyewear, everything has a statement to make and what you wear is equally important as when you wear it. Here are a few designers who have been stealing the show in Delhi by making mesmerizing jewelry.

1-Amrita Singh

A top jewelry designer, her globally adored designs are a blend of ancient aesthetics with new world fashion. She has been nominated by Fashion Group International (FGI) many times.
Her inspiration comes from the Mughal dynasty to fabricate Indian jewelry and accessories. Additionally, this lady also designs scarves, bangle towers, cosmetics cases, handbags along with a wide range of home decor items.

2-Poonam Soni

She was the first person to initiate the idea of ‘bespoke jewelry’ and signature boutiques. In today’s time, she is one of the most renowned names in the designing industry and her jewelry brand has a niche clientage which she caters to. The way she plays with rubies, gold and sapphires are mesmerizing.

3-Farah Khan

After she is done being one of the best people to play around with jewelry designing ideas, she’s a gemologist for her passion. Her foray into the field of designing occurred by chance while she was on her venture to pursue the course in Gemological Institute of America in California in 1992. She has been sweeping the fashionistas off their feet for the past 15 years and her works have been seen on some of the richest and known people across the globe.

4-Suhani Pittie

Often known for being one of the ‘top 10 most inventive and ingenious jewelry designers in the world’ by the ‘World Gold Council’, she has also been conscripted by the Femina magazine in their “35 most powerful women in India, under 35″ list.

5-Eina Ahluwalia

Synonymous with luxurious jewels. Each piece that she makes is an elaborate, decorative and an avid piece studded with pure silver and sometimes, semi-precious stones.

“Her label is a regular lookout at Lakme Fashion Week, Mumbai. It has been featured in many known fashion magazines such as Vogue, British Vogue, Her World Singapore, CR Fashion Book by Carine Roitfeld, Magazine UK, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Madame Figaro France, Stylist, Zeit Magazine Germany, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Grazia, etc.” (Source: www.fashionlady.in)

So, ladies, go ahead. Dress up, match those accessories and slay!

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    Voylla Fashions

    Well great work done as these are the most popular designers in our jewelery market as providing their name helps many peoples to find the perfect designer to want to as there designs are one of the unique.

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    Natasha Arora

    Nice collections. All jewellery designs are so beautiful. I loved it. Thank you for sharing this Blog.

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