5 Best lookbooks for plus size beauties!

full figured

“Beauty comes in all sizes.”

Every girl in town would love to have a fashion handbook of dress-for-your-shape advice. However, a majority of these guidebooks ignore the plus-size women. Despite creeping into a major share of the plus-size purchasing market, the full-figured women have always been excluded from the fashion colloquy.

Who wouldn’t love a closet full of figure-flattering clothes that play her assets? “Figure-flattering” might not seem like a big deal for some you out there, but for those women who are size 14 and upwards; it has remained a pipe dream! Their desires for a body-embracing ensemble have always gone for a toss that most of them are absolutely clueless about finding the perfect shopping store that fits their sizing needs. And even if they manage to find one, most of them end up burning hole in their pockets.

So, aren’t there any shops favoring the full-figured ladies? Is our fashion choices very much limited compared to the rest of the world? Well, not at all! Now, unlike the ladies that fall below the size 14 fittings, each of the curvy women are different from one another.

Some of you might have a pear-shaped body while another fragment might have the shape of an hourglass. But the unanimous fashion commandment for every full-figured woman is to pick the attire that softens your curves and gives minimal definitions to the lesser loved areas of your body. Here is a lookbook dedicated just for your elegant curves!


Flowy empire waist dress


Empire waistline shirt gown

The “Empire Waist” is a classic wardrobe staple of every full-figured woman. The dress gives a high-waist appearance that gathers just beneath the busts and not your natural waistline. This plays up your graceful upper body since the lower body is usually engulfed by a layered skirt. From the shorter tunics and mini dresses to the longer gowns that grace the floor, the empire silhouettes come in a myriad of variations – giving you an opportunity to pick for the occasion rather than for the size. Now, if you are whisking of the empire gown as something western, then you’ve always got the aesthetic anarkalis.


A-line dress
Ruffled A-line

An A-line had been in the fashion line up since time immemorial. But the A-lines of the curvy-women have a slight variation from the usual. Rather than opting for the body-clinging materials of satin and silk, the full-figured beauty can go for stiffer fabrics like cotton, denim and the like. Opting for stiffer A-lines helps you retain the shape of the dress by flattering your curves. The A-line silhouettes with a fitted torso and beautifully wrapped waist-line, despite hugging onto your body, will give you an hourglass figure that portrays the gorgeous side of you that even you haven’t noticed in these years!


Cold-shoulder peplum top

Peplum is most probably the only attire that is not solely dedicated for the string beans but also for the full-figured ladies! Do you remember noticing tunic-like dresses that have got a slight ruffle around the waistline? Those are the peplum, pretty similar to the classic bodycon dresses. But the slight layer of ruffle around the natural waistline covers up the curves in a graceful way, making your waist smaller than the upper body-creating the iconic hourglass figure! So if you’ve got a disproportionate distribution of curves than the peplum would help you synchronize your waist with the rest of the body.


Straight black dress

These dresses add minimal definitions to your body. They simply fall flat from your shoulders and would work wonders on your body image if your shoulders and the waists are of the same width or slightly wider than one another. They contribute to effortless fashion and are impressively charming when adorned with statement pieces of jewelry.


Off-shoulder ruffled dress


Cold-shoulder tunic

The off-the-shoulder dresses simply wrap up your arms leaving a bare shoulder. Such fabrics enhance your décolletage and pull weight off your upper body. So, if your shoulders are narrower than your waistline, these heavy fabrics holding your arm might help add some volume. The cold-shoulder of today are not are not mere tunic tops. They’ve gradually infringed into the India Kurtis and the more ruffled outfits to create a statement of their own!


Gothic ruffled lace corset dress


Lace up plus-size corset

They are aesthetic fashion pieces that specifically designed to define your assets, clinches your waistline and loosens put at the hips. The laced details of the corset gracefully shape your body and flatter your curves.

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