7 effective exercises for flat belly!

Women around the world, your prayers have been answered. In this day and age when the time is money and fitness is a luxury that barely few people can afford, this guide to flat abs will be your saving grace. More often than not, most women shy away from wearing clothes that show off their abs, the sole reason being that they are not toned enough or have too much fat. With these seven highly effective exercises, we promise you, making the transformation from flab to fab abs will be just as easy. Read on and you’ll be able to flaunt that crop top hiding at the back of your closet, soon enough.

1-Super Sit-ups –

Do not be fooled by the ease of this exercise. It will strengthen your abdominal muscles to the core, such that you will see rippled tough muscles in place of the saggy ones that you may be used to. Lie down on the floor with your head facing upwards. Lift your knees such that they form 90 degrees. Put your arms behind your head. Slowly lift your upper body and make it reach your knees. Keep your lower body still. Repeat this exercise for 15 minutes and you will feel your abdomen getting stronger and fitter as you continue.

2-Precision Planks –

This exercise takes a lot of strength and stamina but the end results are worth breaking a sweat for. This will not only increase your muscle strength and tone but also help your abdomen become flexible and your body becomes supple. Lie down on the floor. Form a straight line with your body as you put pressure on your forearms and bend your elbows. Your toes should be on their tips. Hold this position for some time. Keep repeating this exercise for the next five minutes.

3-Light Lifts –

This exercise will test your patience but will energize you and increase the muscle tone that you so desire. Lie down on the floor and form a straight line with your body. Slowly lift one leg up till it forms 90 degrees. Make sure that the rest of your body is still. Hold that leg in position for as long as you can. Slowly bring it down and repeat the exercise with your other leg. Keep changing between the two legs and repeating this exercise for the next five minutes.

4-Side Stretches –

More often than not, your body remains in a rigid position which compromises its proper growth and affects your fitness. Stretching a few times a day is just the boost that your body needs and this side stretches will get that abdomen going. Stand with your feet as wide apart as possible and slightly bend your knees. Raise your arms high and stretch to your right as you keep your head between your arms. Follow this exercise and stretch to the left and finally stretch below as you attempt to touch your toes. To make this slightly difficult, you can use dumbbells too. Repeat this for the next 10 minutes.

5-Stretching lifts –

A mixture of the lifts and stretches, this exercise goes deep into your core and strengthens your muscles from within, thus keeping you fit and your body healthy. Lie with your head facing upwards and stretch your legs to 45 degrees. Raise your arms and leave them at the sides, near your knees. Slowly, put your head back on the floor and lift your hips off the floor. Keep your arms at the sides and pressed down on the floor to keep pressure. Repeat this for the next five minutes.

6-Classic Climbs –

This exercise works miracles once you speed it up and start doing it regularly such that your body has a rhythm of its own and the muscles start shaping up and strengthening and thus, your muscle tone increases. With your hands and knees, go down on the floor as though you are crawling. Quickly bring one knee to the center of your stomach and then the other knee. This is an exercise often done before races and it energizes your core. Repeat this exercise for the next five minutes.

7-The last hurdle –

This exercise is for you to end your fab ab training session with. After strenuous exercise, this one will calm all your muscles and ensure that your fitness regimen works. Sit down on the floor with your back straight and upright in a 90-degree angle. Stretch your arms parallel to each other in front of you and bend as you attempt to touch your toes in that position. Rise, stretch and repeat. Keep repeating this exercise slowly for the next 10 – 15 minutes.

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