5 Stylish Pieces to Amp Up Your Living Space!

“Art is how we decorate living space.”

One’s living space says a lot of one’s personality. Whether it’s luxe or austere, bright or pastel, organized or cluttered for that matter :D, the ambience of that corner of your house mirrors the person’s way of life. And if you are a fashionista, you just cannot leave your living room décor unadorned or in my case without a touch of your personal style! I love pieces that speak sophistication, style and uniqueness and I juggle every corner of the earth to find that perfect piece for my living room. Thus today I bring you such 5 pieces that are totally drool worthy and can transform your living space into chic grand boutique hotels of Paris! So what are you waiting for? Read on and amp up your living room!

  1. Garden Torch

Now you must be thinking it is a living space not a garden then why a garden torch? But darlings our living room ain’t our garden still we keep vases and plant there, right? Same logic! Garden torch kept in the secluded corner of your living space or in your balcony looks very chic and sophisticated and gives you that French feel! So revamp your living space with this garden torch but beware and don’t start a fire!

  1. Tieback

Ever wondered how some simple living places look beautiful? Well there’s a trick, keep them organized and even a bland décor would look astonishingly beautiful. So what that one piece in your living space that needs organizing? It’s your big drowning curtains! So use a tieback for your curtain and make them look organized and beautiful than ever. Deco Window TAAL VAANI TIEBACK GOLD MIX price 199 (1)


  1. Decorative Wall Antique Shelf Bracket

We all love decorative shelves because duh-huh! They are full of utility and our little showpiece and books look lovely kept there. 😀 But often we get bored with our shelves but then instead of replacing them, add a unique and antique looking shelve bracket to it! It will give your shelve the vintage antique feel and also take away the blandness!

  1. Tassel/Fringe Trimmings
    This is the season of tassel and fringes, so why not inculcate this trend in our living space as well? 😀 Yes! How? Well buy curtains only and then add tassel or fringe trimmings to your curtains and cushion and make your living space speak style! 😀1951578-0106-mosaic-tassel-gold-mix_1
  2. Decorative Cushion Covers/ Decorative Pillow covers
    When choosing cushion covers or pillow covers, one should be very mindful, because they can make or break the ambience of your living space. A wrong combination and it can kill the ambience! So opt for these universal looking covers that go with every kind of setting and are so posh that you will fall head over heels in love! 😀 Decowindow Filled Cushion Moss price 199
    Hope you enjoyed the post, we will be soon with next exciting post. <3
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