6 items in your wardrobe for beach holidays

Hi Beauties! In the last post I told you I would be heading to Goa for a couple of week, and man no place could be better  than this to escape the hustle bustle of Delhi and mark a few moments of peace. Initially we planned to stay here in Goa for a few weeks to attend GIBFW and some peaceful time alone, but weeks extended to months and now we are looking at almost a year! Yes you heard it right a year in Goa, will be bliss!

So last week as I was busy in packaging stuff and  shopping, it got me thinking about the stuff that one should carry to the beach. Not that it is my first visit to the beach, I visited Goa two months back too, but this time I want to revamp my beach wardrobe with new beachy things. So after a lot of thinking, re-thinking, experimenting I have curated a list of trendy things to revamp your beach wardrobe this season and jazz up for the beach. Read on to know how you can get that beach perfect look without compromising on latest trends! 🙂

Sun Hats To Rescue!
Wide rim hats are your best friend to take along to a beach. Not only they look super chic, they also protect you from the extensive sun rays. I am in love with big, wide rimmed floppy hats, they are my perfect partners for beaches and they give me that Audrey Hepburn feel. Other than floppy hats, panama hats and fedora hats with wide rims too work good for beaches, add a flowy ribbon to your big hat to make it more sassy. Not a fan of those big hats? Then try baseball hats in floral or small straw hats, they are just as chic as floppy hats and are current favorite of trend-setters worldwide.

No Hats? Then a Headgear! 

Not in a mood to don that big hat and want to feel the sun, then you must try different headgears. Pull your locks back in a head-wrap/hair-tie or a bandanna. The bandanna look will add a boho vibe to your look and you can frolic around the beach looking ferociously boho. What I am going to try this season on beach is to tie a little of my hair into braids and let the rest wave around the ocean. There’s nothing more sexy than careless fly-away.





That Beach Bag!
Thinking which bag to take along to carry your towel, sunscreen and lip balms, that book you got to read on balmy beach evenings, your favorite on the go snack, ehhh and a hell lot of other things! A big canvas tote is one bag that you should happily pick to take to beaches, they have ample space to fit in all of your stuff and the same time you don’t have to worry if they get wet, canvas fabric to rescue! Besides canvas bag you can also carry a big jhola bag , Jhola bags are latest in thing and it was very evident from Payal Jain’s beach collection showcased at AIFWSS 2016 they are here to stay. So I am going to take my Jhola bag this season to beach, what are you taking along? 😀

PJ 1


Shades To Subdue The Sun!
Does not matter if you are opting for big floppy hat or going for a no hat day with bandannas, you would still need a pair of sunglasses to beat the sun-rays quenching your eyes.  Over-sized big sunglasses work best for beaches as they give you a large frame of protection. If you want to glam up a bit you can also try cat-eye glasses or lemon glasses. Reflectors and translucent sunnies are high on trend this year, and for me round reflectors work best.



2015-08-25 05.53.49


Footwear To Frolic Around!
You know you don’t have to put in much effort when it comes to beach footwear. Almost everything works provided that it is flat and easy on feet. Nobody wants to put on heels for beach and for the reasons we all know, so flats are our best friends in this case. Now I have seen people wear all kinds of flats on beaches, like real good rubber slip-ons, crocs, kolahpuri slip ons and flip flops. What I prefer is comfortable rubber flipflops to match my dress and one which wont give me arch or heel pain in the bed at night.

Go Boho With Cover-Ups!
The mega trend that I am observing for the coming beach season is cut-out and crochet cover ups. A sexy cover up is much needed to wear over your even sexier swim-wear. I am all in love with maxi cover ups in translucent fabrics to show off my sexy bikini. Cover-ups have gone a complete transformation lately, from maxi cover-ups and kaftans cover-ups to chic kurti and pants, anything and everything can be donned over your swimwear.




PJ 2


I hope you enjoyed the post. And as I am saying, I am going to live in Goa for a year it means no of beachy post is coming soon.

Till next beachy post stay beautiful and stay sexy. <3

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    nice post … among your own pics on the post is the one in red in the water … cool concept that, and in my fav colour too 🙂 I see you gradually going bolder in posting your own pics to negate the falling temperatures I surmise 😉 Good to see you incorporating pictures relevant to the topic discussed from fashion shows … and yes, thanks for promoting Goa as a beach destination … may I share the post? Do write and explore our hinterland, forests, backwaters, then religious places too … spread the love that GOA offers ^_^

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thanks Basil. Good to see you commenting here; keep reading and commenting on posts.

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    I will dear, but do me a favour, write about the other wondrous aspects of Goa too … your blog certainly does reach out and should not give out the world the wrong notion that it is a land of only beaches right?! 🙂 And yes, may I have the pleasure of meeting this beautiful person someday, if not training my lens and capturing her soul? 😉

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    Gary Cog

    Looking cool. Beach – ohh I love it

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