7 fabulous dressing ideas for 21st birthday party!

Every birthday is special, but the 21st birthday is extra-special for a girl as 21 is the age at which a girl is supposed to be mature and responsible. At the same time, this is the age after which she can be like “I’m 21 and hot, buy me a shot“.

Every girl would want to dress classy and a bit sassy on this day. Here are 7 dressing ideas to make your 21st birthday bash flawless and jolly!

1. Lace dress

Out of all the on-going trends, lace dresses are unique and special. These are the most preferred outfits nowadays citing the modest and casual look they create. Not just for the party night, they also go well with whole day’s plans. The noteworthy thing about these dresses is that they can create a subtle, classic look in the day and a hot chic look at nights. Lace dresses are the perfect ones to create a simple but sophisticated look for your 21st birthday. These dresses are beautiful themselves and you need not accessorize much in order to look pretty. Just take a handy clutch and knee-high boots to look amazing effortlessly. You can also experiment matching it with a leather jacket to catch everyone’s eye on your day!

2. Sequin dress

Here’s another bewildering idea for any late night birthday party. Sequin dresses usually multiply the grace when you put them on.They’re now available in different amazing styles like off-shouldered, strapless, skater and many more. Not every birthday you become 21. So stand out from the crowd on your 21st birthday by wearing sequin neutrals, metallic or red. All you have to do is, match it with a cute embellished or glittery sling bang and put your shiny high heels on. Then you’re ready to glisten through the night.You can also try prom dresses for a more astounding look.

3. Floral dress

Floral dresses amaze everyone with their patterns nowadays. They suit well for all body types. If you’re lean and hot, you’ll look amazing in strappy mini floral dress and if you’re plus sized, chubby and cute, a midi length floral dress with boat or high neck will look amazing on you. You can also go for a floral maxi dress. You can enhance toutfitfit by adding solid coloured accessories. In order to add a more pleasant essence, you can go for strappy sandals or flip-flops and every flower on your dress wishes you a Happy 21st Birthday!

4. Skirt

Trust me, skirts are never out of fashion. Since ages skirts have their own special rack in every girl’s wardrobe. Wanna look casual and sexy on your 21st birthday? Try them out. There are wide range of options to choose from. You can go for any of the pleated, pencil or tulle skirts. You can wear a sequin pencil skirt and pair it up with a casual blouse and create a perfect party look. You can also try tulle skirts. The thing with these skirts is that they can be worn with anything. You can pair it with a cotton shirt or your favourite Tee according to your taste and style.


5. Bodycon dress

Are you in love with your curves? If yes, go flaunt them by putting on a lovely bodycon dress. Moreover, its your 21st birthday and you ought to be the centre of attraction of the whole party. So pick a bodycon dress of any type. Go for a full sleeved mini bodycon dress with a wide neck or a sexy halter bodycon of any length. You can also go for strapless with your favourite dangling earrings. Boots and high heels both work well with them.

6. T-shirt dress

You’ve another super-cool option to go for on your 21st birthday. T-shirt dresses are a thing now a days. They’re considered the most trendy and comfortable outfits to wear. You can go for solid coloured ones and accessorize big with metal or dazzling pieces or you can go for striped ones for a more simple look. The only thing you should keep in mind is your body type. If you’re tall and lean, avoid vertical stripes as you may look too thin. And if you’re a bit loud, don’t go for solid coloured ones and horizontally striped ones. Sometimes, accessorizing less or null adds a special elegance to these dresses.

7. Cocktail dress

Cocktail dresses are the most desirable ones for a 21st birthday party. The best way to adorn with them is to wear matching high-heels and leave your hair loose. You can choose bold make up as an accessory. If you put on a light coloured dress, put light and glossy shades of lip colour and if you wear a dark coloured one, go for anthing you want. However cocktail dresses are must-haves in every girl’s wardrobe as they never disappoint you. So wear one and rock your party ’cause the speciality of the day is you’re 21 and legal!


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