7 Types Of Gifts For 7 Types Of BFFs This Christmas Eve’.

Christmas is around the corner and most of us are still wondering what are we supposed to get our BFFs this year.

So here are 7 types of gift ideas for 7 types of best friends that you can swear by this Christmas.

1-The Sentimental One.

This one unfortunately just wants grand gestures of love. Because let’s face it, buying something from the gift shop is a lot easier than executing magnanimous gestures of love.

Here’s a gesture that will make your BFF weep!

  • Write 9 letters of your most significant memories with your BFF, reminding them of the bond you both share, and tell them to read one letter every day starting from Christmas Eve’ (24th) till the first day of the New Year (1st).
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2-The Pricey One.

This one’s happiness is directly proportional to the figure on the price tag of the gift.

  • So you can get your BFF a customized monogrammed Burberry scarf or customized Adidas Superstars and watch their face light up like Christmas lights.
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3-The Wanderer.

This is the friend that’s always taking you places even though you want to be left alone in your bed so you can take numerous power naps consecutively.

  • Get them customizable passport covers from messycorner.in and have them book their flight tickets that instant so you can finally sleep in peace.
Customizable Passport Covers From Messy Corner.


4-The Shopaholic.

The shopaholic friend is the one whose reaction to feeling every human emotion is going on a shopping spree. This is what you can gift your shopaholic BFF.

  • It is one of the most underappreciated gifts of all time – The Gift Card. Not only does it help you stay within your budget but lets your BFF buy something they actually like. Just make sure you know their favourite brand for this.
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5-The Fitness Freak

This one’s idea of fun is spending the whole day at the gym.

  • And because in today’s time you’re most likely to find your soul mate at the gym, it’s important you’re fashionable at all times. So this Christmas get your BFF some fashionable gym gear like a gym bag or gym clothes.
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6-The Blogger

Every second person in today’s era is into blogging. It’s either fashion, lifestyle, food or travel or etc.  If your best friend is one, you know how hectic their lives are. Here’s what you can do to help slow down their lives a little.

  • Buy them books that are specially meant to provide helpful tips for bloggers in particular.
Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen.
500 Social Media Marketing Tips by Andrew Macarthy.

7-The Binge – Watcher

This friend is hard to get in touch with because they’re perpetually on a date with their ongoing TV series. And the only gift that will ever give them pure joy is an annual subscription to Amazon Prime (Or Netflix or whatever they watch).

Get your BFF an Amazon Prime Membership.
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