7 New year’s eve outfit for 7 types of people ft Uptownie!

The new year’s eve is one thing that the entire world is looking forward to, we all secretly believe that when the clock strikes 12 our lives would magically turn better everything bad would see itself out and you will feel extra shiny and new. Well, before we get into the post let me tell you a little something

No belief is going to make you feel any better,

Just because the clock strikes twelve it doesn’t mean you turn into someone else,

It is still you,

Time and days are imaginary frames we have laid,

And it isn’t going to do you any favours,

If you want to feel better or happier,

Then it is wholly upto you,

dont push your plans for next year.

dont bundle things to be solved and wait for it to untangle,

It is upto you,

It is always you.

Go set things straight

Only then will it all turn truly magical.

So getting back to new year’s eve, there is too much life in the air everyone is awake and each one of us is jotting down new goals and dreams. When the ball drops every feels super excited and positive like they are given another chance. But the crucial part is choosing the perfect new year outfit, outfit is one way you feel confident to take a leap and also choosing the right one for the right place helps your night and day get a little better and brighter

People choose to spend their new year’s differently some love to spend it with the beats and roar like the wild, a few like to spend it under the bedsheets calm and cosy, a few like to spend it with their friends, a few read, a few write but the one thing that is common in each one of them is the spirit and hope.

Here are 7 outfits for 7 cliched types of people found across the world :

1-The party animal :

These are the young and raging people who exhale all the bad through sweat and scream. Their heart feels calmer when they are in the air with loud music.

I know black and red classic plain dresses have been go-to for new year’s but why do the same every year, let’s try a different lane and go for a floral skater fit dress. The loud colours would definitely blend with the loud music.

Another option is to go for the clothes made just for partying, the metallic gold top flowing and shiny will keep you shimmering throughout the night.

2-Chilling at home :

“New year’s eve? So what? ” this is the section for people who have this question in their mind. Staying at home ordering in and Netflix-ing can also be an amazing calm and peaceful start to the year, but so what if you are staying home who said you needn’t be dressed for such a night.

capes are couch’s best friends. throw in a comfortable t-shirt and wear a festive patterned cape with comfortable cotton pants for the coolest night of the year.

3-The house partying crew :

These are the people who were once a party animal but now has climbed a few steps down. The house party hosts and the goers need to keep it casual and low and also keep the partying spirit going.

4-The strollers :

These are the kind of people who like to be out in open air when the night turns wild, they stroll the roads and drink coffee and eat street food and take in all that is going outside.

The strollers are the people who like to feel cosy and also keep their fashion game on point so choosing a comfortable fabric with style is a must.

5-The lonesome trio :

Every gang makes new year plans but not all plans end well, the people who get left out or the first time partiers are the lonesome trios, who have no idea about the night but try to blend in


To the lonesome first-timers, the rule here is to keep it simple, elegant and sweet. Don’t do or under do it.

6-The excited over do-ers :

These are the people who start prepping for the nights three days before the new year’s they just can’t hold the excitement. these are the dressy people who love to play with colours.

7-The Showstoppers:

Here’s to the people who have been the talk of the new year’s since ages, these are the people who mingle until the sun hits and are known for their classy and elegant apparels.The silver shimmer top and the sequin pants are classic diva outfits that will yet again make you the showstopper.


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