7 tips to leave stress away and show your happy face to world!

“Always put on a happy face.”

Most of the women wake up in the morning and start their daily chores of getting children ready, pack tiffin for everyone, food for the family and then get ready to go to the office. Btw office and home in this double responsibility they lose their presence of mind and lose shine day by day. They start feeling dull and looking dull. If you’re in the same boat, read along:

1:-Go on a trip:

Make a plan for family trip or picnic at-least once every month. 🙂 This will help in easing out your stress and provide you energy. Nature has power to remove your tiredness, trouble, stress etc in a moment. Yea! it’s true 🙂 I am feeling this nature’s magic everyday in my life. Whenever I go to the beach, I feel very relax and calm. Make relationship with nature, gardens, flowers etc. They provide power to your body and positive vibes to your mind.

2- Morning walk: 

Morning walk increases energy circulation in your body which you can see directly on your face. If morning walk is not possible for you then you can do Yoga, asana etc. These are also very useful.

3. Decide your priority-

If you have to do lot of work then don’t panic, decide the priority of your work. This will give less stress to your mind. If you are tired of mental work then do some physical work, listen music or watch T.V. for sometime. 🙂

4. Share your problem-

If you have any problem which is troubling your mind then share it with your love one, that will really return your smile and happy face.

5. Make a goal-

“A person without a goal is like ship without a rudder”

Make a goal of whatever you want to achieve. This encourages the desire of wonderful living. Short term goal or long term goal both are equally helpful.

6. Morning breakfast-

Morning breakfast is not only necessary for your husband and your children, but you as well 🙂 Morning breakfast give energy to your body and maintain the natural glow on your face. 😀

7. Outdoor Play –

If you have a baby then play with your baby or play any outdoor game. This increases your blood and energy circulation in your body. And make you more energetic.

Besides this drink lots of water, sleep regularly on a daily basis. Sometimes lack of water and sleep make you look dull and tired.

Hope you enjoyed the post, we will be back soon with another amazing post, till then stay sexy stay beautiful. <3


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