7 ways to win the war with sweltering summer!

The sun is getting to us by spreading its wings longer than we thought it would clamping us indoor and trying to win over fashion. Let’s load our guns with flower-power and burnished shades and shoot back. Getting dressed during these long dog days could be quite the battle.

However, the only way out of this blow you are going through is to lower your hemlines and refurbish your closet with these must have summer Godsends.
So my dear fashion army, let’s lead the troop with these ‘beat the heat’ apparels.

1. OVER-SIZED SHIRT: Be it yours or your sidekick’s over-sized shirts will never back the wrong horse. The extra-large shirts/T-shirts will pull out the rugged street artist in you. Add a pair of sneakers and shades to it and you are ready to hit the road



 This summer is all about the off-shoulders, the shoulder look will magnetize everyone’s eyes over you. The ruffles will add to it a lively desire. You can glamorize the look with a announcing jeweler and flaunt your shoulders this summer like never before.

3. WRAP AROUND AND TIE-DRESS:    The wrap around and tie dress with flashing floral will bring out the sugar and spice in you leaving you effortlessly  beautiful and elegant. The tie-dress will illuminate  your skin glossy and golden.

4. SHORTS AND SKIRTS:  Come out of your denim world and explore embroidered  high waist skirts and printed shorts to repulse heat. It is considered a fashion crime if you don’t own these printed skirts and shorts.

5. CAPE OR ROBE COAT: The robes are no more a bath clothing but an uptown must have. Throw a cape or robe coat over a layer of silk or lace and redefine fashion of the century. You can simply wear a cape  or robe over your bikini and rise the temperature around.


1. MESSY BUNS:  Messy buns are so last-season, recreate your messy buns or beach waves with hair scarves. The hair scarves are the perfect way to take your look to the next grade with minimum efforts.

2. DOUBLE KNOT BUNS: Go ‘Arya stark’ this summer and make a scene with your double knots. The double knot buns are a life Savior for a messy beach afternoon or for a cozy day swim.

3. SEMI BUN: The semi-buns will leave you a samurai look, both messy and chic. You could flaunt your beach waves along with your messy buns on top.


HATS:    Did you know that the hats were worn by people 3000 years ago? Well, doesn’t that make you want to go old style? Go wild this summer with the most elegant piece  of fashion. Hats are a must this season which protects you from the sun and also saves you from the deadly bad hair days.

FLORAL WEDGES: The wedges are back with a floral touch and winning over the 5 inch heels you have been drooling over. These bright colored flower themed wedges are exactly what you need this summer.


TOTE Bag – What’s summer without over-sized bags? The wild and crazy  colored tote bags will prep you to handle the heat this season. So pack your totes and flash your look.


1. Always carry sunscreen with you wherever you go.
2. HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! Hydrate yourself every half hour for a smooth blemish-free glossy skin.
3. Mix and match heavy colors and patterns and replenish your summer.
4. Drain the hate along with the heat and go wild and crazy this season.

Hope you enjoyed the post.


Team India Fashion Blogger!

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