5 reasons why or why not you should watch Begum Jaan

Begum Jaan revisits the partition days of India and without making the caste part of the storyline shows the pain in true sense. India would’ve seen so many such stories with the partition, I am glad Srijit Mukherji chose the plot.

Disclaimer:Spoilers ahead!

Begum Jaan had everything you expected except a strong storyline, with a powerful entrance where she slapped poor Misthi repeatedly I expected a very strong and dark tone going in the movie, but I left a little disappointed.

Let’s look at top 10 highlights according to us:

1- Challenge the Patriarchy:– Begum Jaan and her girls taking on a man world and not giving a fuck (not literally ofcourse) was the central theme. Vidhya balan dialogues like “Ye mera ghar hai, yaha mera kanoon chalta hai” or “Maroongi to Rani ki tarah” resonated with all strong hearted womens. On many occasions she challenged the hypocrisy which even resonate in current time. The movie is etched beautifully and depicts a tale of love in an environment where men seek only pleasure.

2- Powerful Sensual Vidhya Balan:- Vidhya Balan as usual is sensual as Begum Jaan, she and other girls portray a raw sense of sensuality which is a treat to watch. She had messy eyebrows, old clothes, but she looked ravishing in true sense.

3- Strong cast:- Everyone acted beautifully. All of them really owned the screen space and poured there heart out. Gauhar Khan as a strong headed women in love, Pallavi Sharda as a naive yet strong young women falling for the wrong guy or Priyanka Setia as the mother who meant business. All of them were inspiring! Especially in the end when Gracy Goswami disrobes herself to save her mother from the shame, it gave me goosebumps.

The characters Sujit and Rubina, being played by Pitobash and Gauhar have been amazingly brought out. Not for a second would you feel afar from the characters or the movie, such is the performance of the cast.  Actor, Pitobash the million dollar arm guy has stood up to his reputation and kept up with his skilled acting.

4- Raw performance of the characters:- If you’d see the movie, you’ll realize how true it is to our true self. The way these girls talk to each other, tease each other, and fight with each other will bring all your memories of the hostel (weird but true :))

5- The fight:- I loved the end fight scene! It was bold, inspiring and instill a true sense that we’re not going to back down at all. If you mess with us, we know how to fight back and shoot you in the head! Just loved the whole I do not need a man to save me approach! 🙂 So anti-bollywood.

The movie is filled with bold scenes-which are followed up with emotions-inculcating the idea that love can be found anywhere. Begum Jaan is truly a mesmerizing movie and is bound to leave you in awe.

Rating – 3/5


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