9 essentials to rock this monsoon!

Hello peeps! It’s time to bid farewell to the scorching sun and welcome the enthralling monsoon. How fantastic it is to sit beside the window sipping strong coffee, listening to favourite beats enjoying the drizzle. Amazing right? This is what makes it my favourite season. You all must have an idea of the essentials you get home before the monsoon begins. Here is a checklist of monsoon essentials which I find are super important and useful. Have a look at these nine monsoons must-haves and rock the season!


Umbrella is certainly the first thing that strikes your mind when you think of monsoon essentials. We no more use the boring black umbrellas since the market is coming up with many varieties of umbrellas every monsoon with amazing prints, shapes, and colors. Umbrellas are pretty much usable all over the year. So it is a definitely must have for everyone. Plenty of varieties are available in markets and online stores. I would suggest you buy the transparent umbrellas with floral and pleasant prints as they’re much in-trend and go with literally any outfit. I have another tip for you: buy them as soon as possible because the sooner you buy the cheaper you get and more varieties to choose from. I recommend buying online as there are a wide range of options and designs online.


A raincoat can be otherwise called the scavenger in monsoons. Without a raincoat, it is so likely that you spoil one outfit per day in monsoon, particularly on a rainy day. No one wants that. So, before the monsoon takes its pace do not forget to buy one. I know this is turning off some of you as you are not ready to cover your style with a raincoat. But good news people! Online stores are up with transparent raincoats in cool and impressive designs and offers. You can search for your style and get one. Make sure the length of the raincoat is at least up to your knee so that your pockets are at least covered. These transparent raincoats look good on any outfit and reveal your style without getting you wet. Here’s a thing to remember. Wash them and dry them in air or sun after every use so that it doesn’t clog up with fungus or any dirt.

3. Waterproof make up

Many girls strictly believe that monsoon is a no makeup season. But I say, that isn’t necessarily true, at least as long as you have waterproof make up. Waterproof makeup includes various products like foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner pencil, mascara, lipstick: everything waterproof. You can go out with your favourite waterproof makeup and stay elegant in monsoon. I suggest you stay away from BB and CC creams in monsoons as they don’t last long and mess everything in case your face gets wet in rain. Also remember, do not apply heavy layers of foundation in monsoons!


Monsoon is the season in which you should double your health habits. There are more chances of germ attack in this season. Hence cleanliness is most important. It is suggestible to sanitize your hands whenever necessary. Carry a sanitizer in a handbag when you go out of the home. So that you can eat or drink anything everywhere. It is handy and keeps you protected!


In monsoons, howsoever careful you are, you can’t always escape from damp water and mud from spilling on clothes or particularly hemlines. The condition of your footwear gets cringe-worthy to explain. So it’s a safe option to have tissues at home as well as your handbags when you go out. You can take one out and clear off the mud or damp water on your footwear or clothes. They also assist you in drying your wet hair or face by absorbing water soon away. So tissues can be a great aid in monsoons!


We all know that perfumes are everyday must-haves for college going and working people. But they are quite more important in monsoons. Due to less sunlight and never-ending damp atmosphere, clothes and other accessories do not often get properly dried causing bad odour. So having a perfume always saves you from the embarrassment!

7.Hand towels

Monsoon can’t let you live the way you feel good. No wonder, you often get bath out of the blue all of a sudden. And it is quite certain. So having a couple of hand towels with you at home as well as workplace will help you deal with the rainy day troubles to some extent. So, make sure you have one or two hand towels in your bag before you check out of home.

8.Band aids

As we have discussed, there are double the chances of getting sick in monsoons when compared to other seasons. Any little injury can join hands with the microbes, enter your body and disturb your well being. Don’t give them a chance. Store sufficient band-aids to use in an emergency. You can customize the band-aids as well. Add your favorite themed stickers to them or even fabric diys will do!

9. Ziplock bags

Ziplock bags help you keep all your valuable things out of the woods in monsoon. It’s natural that we all are worried to keep our mobile, money and other gadgets in pockets or bags on rainy days. Hence, ziplock bags come to rescue in such hard times. Just place your gadgets in the bags and close the zip, then you can go carefree in rains. You can also store your clothes, shoes and other things which you don’t use in the season and keep them away for the season. Ziplock bags are definitely a must-have for the monsoon. You can get them in any stationery or online stores. Lock all your dubiousness and hesitations in the ziplock bags and you are safe!

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