9 ways to flaunt your Bra less look!

A recent study shows that women who go bra-less are much healthier than the women who wear them 24*7.

You might have heard all about the effects of bra on your body in the blog post which was posted a while ago. Read here – Go Braless.

We have all seen models walking the ramp bra-less and every time I see models flaunt their beautiful bodies it hit me that the designers make clothes for us to flash our natural curves.The clothes are made to make us comfortable the way we are,the way our body is. So when millions of people in the fashion world are working day and night to design clothing in all shapes and sizes just to make us feel impeccable.

Why are we trying to fit into a shape that is not ours? why wear bras to change your naturally flawless cup?.
So here we are to help you get comfortable with going bra-less and help you choose the type of clothing which will leave you alluring without the bra this summer.

From what i observed the projecting of our teats is what has pulled most of the women back to wearing a bra.
And as far as the Indian women are concerned, we have not been that comfortable showing off the tips.
So here are clothes which you can wear without a bra and still be a sexy Indian women.

The halter neck blouse or dress has strap or tie that go all the way to the back holding your body  light and carry your breasts naturally and reflects your true shape.


The V- necks are made for  going bra-less. I would highly recommend it for women starting the go bra-less journey.
The V-necks are breezy and does not let your breasts sag. You can wear a V-neck with a pencil skirt for a improvised formal look or you can couple it up with a pair of jeans for  casual street fashion.

Well, who does not love a jumpsuit? They are literally a one piece clothing which feels so light over your skin are the best summer outfit for any activity. In my opinion nothing compliments your body like a jumpsuit. It has the right fit to your body and is the out-of-the-world choice for all the seasons.

The free-flowing maxi-gowns never went out of fashion for centuries.They are the most comfortable piece of clothing you will ever own. The airy gowns  will take your mind off your bra-less body.The maxi gowns will flow over your body making you feel gleaming the way you are.

The box cut crop top does not latch onto your skin and hence it saves you from your over thinking  self and also helps  in brandishing your body in an elegant fashion.

6.RUFFLE TOP :                                                                                                                                                                                 The ruffle top is a go to if you feel like your breasts are sagging .The ruffled layers helps you get over it and they also give you a rough comfort which lets you dance around in them forgetting the outside world.

The tank top redefines street fashion. The tank top is designed to support and adapt your body the way it is .These weather rescuers can be paired with anything and everything.

8.TUBE TOP : If your confidence is still not up to the stand then you can go with the tube top. The tube tops holds your breasts firmly bringing out the real you and once you try them on,you will never want to take them off.

If you are not convinced with all the above then you can go for the cupped top. The cupped top has a cup or pad in it which acts just like a bra but without being harmful.They don’t have wires or eat your skin so you can still experience the good side of the bra without actually wearing one.

For beginners,the idea may seem a fantasy. But trust me once you start trying them you will feel comfortable like never before. You may feel the sagging effect initially and that’s because we have been treating our body wrong caging them inside years together and they will certainly need time to get used to the surrounding.

Here are the reason why going bra-less will make your life easier:
Boost blood circulation: Now that there’s nothing strangling your breasts they can now breathe and enjoy the good flow of blood leaving you stress free.
Sleep like a baby: Your body now has an orderly function since nothing is restrained and hence it  allows you to
sleep  like a baby.
Queenly comfort : We can now experience the feeling of taking off your bra at the end of the day our whole life and start loving your body the way it is and who knows your breasts may even gain a cup size.


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