I was in two mind while writing this post. On one hand I am pretty vocal about the topic in my close group, I was feeling uncomfortable to talk this online.

But, we need to change all this. This is an important health topic that need to be discussed and debated. Also, I do have a lot of insights that I think should be shared with my readers. With October being breast cancer awareness month, I decided to go ahead and write my thoughts to “Go braless”.

We think that bra is good for females, but truth is that we somewhere down our heart hate them. Also, research say that a lot of times bra is the cause of breast cancer, cyst and lumps; just this line sends shivers down my spine.

I suffered from a small cyst, after 1 yr of my marriage. I had a permanent pain in my left breast. Doctor at Apollo delhi cited two reasons a) I was very skinny and b) because I wear bra 24*7. My doctor suggested not to wear bra for a month. That was when I started researching about this topic and came across the harmful possibilities.

Bras can also be a cause of shoulder, back pain, pain in the breast and skin irritations. If you’re a woman and suffering from back pain, get yourself checked.

The bra is harmful because it’s not on the basis of natural size of breasts; but some absurd artificial ideas. Approx 25% of women have asymmetrical breasts.

An extensive research on this subject was conducted in France about ten years ago. The study examined 320 volunteers, and the dimensions of their breasts were examined and recorded in order to study the development of the breasts without a bra. The women were asked not to wear a bra at all hours of day and night. During the first few weeks some of the volunteers complained about discomfort, but very soon most of them changed their minds.

Many researches shows that bras are responsible for flaccid and saggy breast along with the cause of lumps.

The bra exerts pressure on the breasts, especially on the breasts’ lymphatic drainage system. Once the breast is under pressure or immobile, there is no drainage of lymph fluid, and with it stay toxins, wastes of dead cells, cancerous cells. In addition, edema develops together with leakage of the “waste” back to the tissues.

Some research also proves that. Read it here

The women who wears bra 24*7 have 125 times more chances to develop breast cancer.

Other Sensational news

The bra wires which supports bra, they absorbs radiation from all around us; cellular broadcast, radio, television, TV, computers, etc. All the radiation absorbs are stored in our breast and increases the risk of tumour development.

Bra exerts pressure on points of 3 major meridians; Liver, Gallbladder and stomach. In long term they are also responsible for disease in these three organ.

And If you must wear bra then you can wear soft bras without wires. You can also place pad over the nipple, there are special pads for this purpose.

The women who don’t wear bra have healthy body, they don’t have shoulder pain, back pain, rashes on skin etc. If you want your breasts to be healthy then avoid wearing a bra. And if you must wear then you should wear soft wire less bra.

It’s not compulsion on big breast sized womans to wear a bra, Earlier I use to think that since I have small breasts I am able to go braless, but there would be problem if I had huge breasts. It’s a complete myth. I have read a lot of article on it  and I realize that it’s more about the habit (and the sooner you make it a habit, the better it is for your body), once you will decide that health is first and I don’t need to wear bra then it will become easy.

Initially you can place soft pads and go braless. I am sure after 1 week you will be comfortable and see the difference.

I am increasing my braless hrs. Since I am an Indian and I am brought up in Indian culture. I have to follow a lot of stuff because of social pressure and because it’s a norm.

But I am changing it for myself and people around me. It’ll take a lot of efforts for sure and thankfully I have support of my loved ones. But I am sure I’ll bring a change in the mindset. Once you decide that you control on what you wear, you’ll start loosing social pressure around you.


I hope you enjoyed the post. Please give your feedback in comment below and what is your opinion on this topic.

Till next post stay beautiful stay sexy.



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