“Meditation… listening to the divine within.”

Hola lovely people, I shared number of posts for beautiful skin, lovely dresses and makeup. But all such posts only work when you have peaceful and beautiful mind. Right?

If you are disturbed within it doesn’t matter how much you take care of your body, skin etc. Nothing would matter!

In today’s rat race, people don’t have time for meditation but they have time for chatting, facebook etc.

I feel you have sufficient time to do meditation, you just have to find out only 10-15 minutes daily at any time in whole day (24hrs). Sit in a clean corner or just sit on the chair (Make sure your back is straight). In fact whenever you get time, sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes to meditate for 10-15 minutes. Simple and easy!

By research it has been found that meditation is very beneficial for peaceful and beautiful life. I am jotting down 10 benefits of meditation:

1. Increase in observation power

This is my experience also, even I am also not regular in doing meditation. But after 15 minutes of sitting when you open your eyes, you will feel your mind peaceful, and you will become more observatory.

2. Living in present moment

When you will do meditation daily then you will escape from the past and future circle. You will live in present moment and enjoy your life.

3. Getting lesser thoughts

Gradually you’ll start getting lesser thoughts or you can say few negatives thoughts, they’ll be destroyed automatically.  🙂

4. More control over anger

You will learn to control your anger. You will become a happy person, people will not believe that you’re the same person. 😀

5. Better understanding in relationship

You will understand the relationship better. How other person did that things with you, etc. With a peaceful mind it’s easier to empathise with your spouse/partner.

6. Decrease in attachments

It’s very important, because all the sufferings in life is because of attachments. By meditation, you will love the person or things but you will not be attached with that. You will be maintaining your basic nature of “being peaceful”.

7. Increase in compassion and love

You will not be able to hate anyone. If anyone hurts you, you will still pray for them. This is the power of meditation. 🙂

8. Quitting of addiction like smoking and drinking

If you are addicted to bad habits then it will surely help in getting rid of such habits.

9. Increase in energy

You will feel you are full of energy. Tiredness will flew away. 🙂

10. Increase in concentration/focus

Meditation is also important in increasing your concentration power. Students who are struggling to focus on your study, should meditate daily to increase your concentration power.

Hope you loved the post, we will be back soon with new amazing post, till they enjoy life, follow our blog for daily dose of spirituality in a fashionable way.

🙂 <3

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