My first trekking to a hidden Mainapi waterfall in Goa!

“My first trekking to a hidden Mainapi waterfall in Goa”

Hola guys!

Whenever you listen the word “Goa”, automatically your mind start thinking about beaches, parties etc. but this is not the only true picture. There are lots of other places also in Goa which you can enjoy, like waterfall, trekking, national parks, churches etc. I am staying here for 10 months now, and I have explored number of hidden places in Goa, today I am going to share one of those.

I am talking about Mainapi waterfall, which is located in Netravali wildlife Sanctuary. Mainapi waterfall is around 14km from netravali village. Off-road track to Manapi waterfall, which is of roughly 4.5 kms is very adventurous. I took almost 1.5 hours to cover this stretch. This area comes under the jurisdiction of netravali wildlife sanctuary and is approximately 95-100km from capital city panjim.

This Mainapi waterfall is a breathtaking  waterfall. If you will be coming to South Goa then you must atleast put aside a day to enjoy this hidden waterfall and pretty adventurous trekking.

Enjoy the pictures-







We did 10 km of trekking and enjoyed the playful bath in Mainapi waterfall, clicked lots of pictures and then visited two more hidden places nearly. Thanks to my friend Suyash who is exploring the hidden places in Goa for last 4 years. –

1- Bubble lake Netravali-

The bubble lake is situated just 2-3 km distance from Netravali wildlife Sanctuary. This lake is known as bubble lake because bubbles come out whenever people clap. 😀

It was really amazing, here you can see number of people clapping and bubbles come out in a dancing way.




2- Usgalimal-

Usgalimal rock engravings or Usgalimal  at Usgalimal village, in South Goa, is one of the most important prehistoric sites in Western India.

Situated on the banks of river Kushavati, these engravings exhibit earliest traces of human settlement in India. These petroglyphs (rock art) are approximately 20,000 to 30,000 years old and belong to the Upper Paleolithic or Mesolithic eras. More than 100 distinct figures, spread an area of 500 sqm., including images of bulls, labyrinths and human figures are carved on laterite stones.

This place is also located nearby Netravali wildlife Sanctuary and is a private Government protected area. The place is quite peaceful, and water of Kushavati is very clean. Literally we fell asleep at this place. Everyone enjoyed  the beauty of nature and voice of flowing Kushavati river. There’s a spice plantation across the river which allow people to stay overnight and provide food as well. All without a cost, you just had to barter that with some work. Isn’t that amazing!

If you are in a group then you can come in this spice plantation for picnic also.

Enjoy the pictures-








Guys, dose of travel is sufficient for today. We will soon be back with new post of fashion and travel dose. Till then enjoy your life and stay sexy, stay beautiful.

Love you. <3

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    Hi there… did you have a local guide to take you to the fall? Is there a route we can follow? How difficult was the descent? Was hoping to go this weekend and savari falls look very crowded… do share the number of a local guide if you have one, thanks

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