The mortifying obesity has already penetrated to over 5%of the Indian population. This is a small number in comparison to the 40% share of the Americans. Yet, wearing a few extra pounds has got the medicos and the nutritionist community to their feet. So, what is the real deal?

Going by the trends, a few pounds of fat on your body might shorten your lifespan. This is a universal truth. But, is that the only problem we are facing today? The issues overweight have now gradually escalated from the health perspective to that of physical appearance. Gone are the times when people took up to dieting to keep a check on their blood sugar levels to welcome the era of fasting to get the BMI scales below the average weight!


The real deal over body weight is now not merely a health concern but a major physical responsibility. You just cannot step out these days without hearing people mourn over the extra pounds! Well, I am no nutritionist to tell you that “this is the ideal weight or shape”. But, what I can do is put forth a few of my theories that will help you decide if you really have the need to be ashamed of carrying those extra pounds. So, here is to those young adults who are on a rigorous diet schedule.


crash diet

Your weight defines two facets of your body – its interior health and its superior beauty. Now, once your health starts deteriorating, it will automatically show up on the outside (remember how jaundice gives a yellowish skin tone). Going on a strict diet that has you skipping meals does no good and here is why. When you stop eating, your body gets into an abnormal cycle. It needs energy but has got no food. So it stars breaking down the fat reserves which may the reason behind the initial signs of weight loss that you notice.

After a while, the body gets accustomed to the new style of no food resulting in almost no change in your weight. Now, you might further decrease your intake causing you to become anorexic. Steadily you start losing all your fat and with it goes the soulfulness in your skin; leaving a mere skeleton that is being covered with skin, lacking luster.


This entire process has got only one happy phase – the start of your diet when you loose those pounds. But, do you see what happens after that? What is the point of shedding all the pounds for an intermittent period of happiness when you’ll be spending the rest of your life gaining those pounds you’d lost to anorexia?

If you are working on those pounds for any reason other than your health, then you are treading on to the wrong side of the valley. Your weight does not matter as long as it doesn’t take a toll on your body. So, stop being hard on yourself and enjoy everything at your reach!

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