15 Benefits of Watermelon for Skin, Hair and Health

Theirs is nothing quite like eating a juicy piece of watermelon when the summer sun is scorching down on you. This juicy summer fruit is not just not only a pleasant summer snack but the health benefits the summer fruit offers are tremendous.

This juicy fruit contains a substantial amount of Vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, potassium protein, fiber and many nutritional values which are beneficial to our overall health. Let’s explore some of the health benefits Watermelon has to offer.

Watermelon and health

  1. Watermelon equals to Healthy Kidneys

Watermelon comprises of water, as the name suggests and we all know how important water is for the kidneys, this fruit acts as a diuretic (a substance helpful in the production of urine). This fruit helps regulate the kidneys smoothly.

  1. Keep your Blood Pressure low low low

Often find yourself dealing with high blood pressure? Take a slice of watermelon and calm down. Watermelon contains amino acid which further breaks down to nitric acid, responsible for lower down the blood pressure.

  1. A healthy heart

Heart health is important. Period. Watermelon is one such fruit, that add benefits to maintain the health of your heart. Lycopene present in this fruit is known to improve cardiac functions, along with the Vitamin C and potassium present are known to reduce cholesterol, according to Organic Facts.

  1. Prevents Cancer

Yes, it is possible to combat cancer with watermelon, this fruit is enriching with lycopene and Vitamin C which are responsible to maintain a steady flow of blood prevents clotting and can even destroy harmful cells from the body. Remember, this is not a magic totem, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle as well to combat diseases like cancer.

  1. Improve your vision with a slice of watermelon

This summer fruit is loaded with Vitamin A, which is essential for healthy vision. Go grab a slice of watermelon and get a healthy vision.


Cups of cut watermelon for a healthy snack

Watermelon and Skin

  1. Hydrates your skin

Watermelon contains 92% of water and organic acids that are known to improve cosmetic health. Whether you use watermelon facemask or eat a raw slice, it has amazing impact to maintain hydration of your skin.

  1. Stay young forever with a slice of watermelon

The citrulline, lycopene and other necessary vitamins present in the fruit which relaxes muscles, increase blood flow, reduce inflammation of the skin and reduce visible signs of aging. This fruit is truly a secret potion for youth.

  1. Kick that acne in the curb

Acnes are like irritating uninvited guests, there’s no escape to it. If you want to cure your acne for good, this juicy summer fruit is perfect for you. It contains Vitamin A C and nitric acid which significantly lowers down the process of acne growth. Besides watermelon reduces skin inflammation and lowers the growth of acne-causing germs.

  1. A natural skin toner

On the hunt for a good skin toner? Look no further! Vitamin C, and antioxidants present in the fruit rejuvenate skin cells and protect skin from damage. You can put fresh watermelon juice gently on your skin and rinse off to get toned skin.

  1. No more oily skin

Remember how Vitamin A present in watermelon helps reduction of acne? Watermelon also cures oily skin along, it controls the oil-producing glands known as sebaceous glands, making your face oil and acne free.


Watermelon and Hair

  1. Moisturise your hair with watermelon

Watermelon seeds are just as healthy and filled with health benefits as rest of the fruit. Watermelon seed oil are rich in essential fatty acid, they make your hair lustrous and moisturises your hair and since watermelon contains 92% water it revives moisture in your scalp.

  1. Minimise your hair loss

Citrulline breaks down into amino acid (arginine), an element necessary for hair growth. Citrulline present in the watermelon make sure, your scalp is getting a healthy dosage of blood flow, thus providing the necessary volume your hair needs.

  1. Prevents breakage

The seed oil of watermelon contains antioxidants and fatty acid, it promotes smooth circulation of blood flow in the scalp and gives your hair better elasticity.

  1. Longer hair

As we know by now watermelon is an amazing source of Vitamin C, it maintains the RBC (Red Blood Cell) count, provides iron to the body which is necessary for the growth of hair.

  1. Heal dry scalp

Do you have dry scalp? Just pour some watermelon juice on your scalp, its healing properties works like a charm on your dry scalp.


Well? Go and grab this juicy fruit for yourself and enjoy this tasty summer treat along with the health benefits.


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    Rohan Sharma

    not only for eating.watermelon also can be used for skin care purpose this page will Tell you a lot of things like we all know how important water is for the kidneys, this fruit acts as a diuretic (a substance helpful in the production of urine). This fruit helps regulate the kidneys smoothly.

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