A day at Varca Beach in South Goa

Since last week I am in South Goa with Gaurav for 10 days and it’s turning out to be a perfect trip. Read about my earlier post on Benaulim Beach.

I had a very nice routine in Goa, I was blogging from morning 10 am to 5 pm and heading down to the beach in evening to explore Goa beaches. We take long walks in the evening till sun sets completely. Wonderful experience so far. I was also invited by Goa Tourism for Bonderam Festival in Divar island.

I decided to visit Varca beach last week, which was near to our South Goa office. The beach was very neat and clean when compared to other beaches in Goa. One probable reason can be presence of Club Mahindra Goa resort which because of commercial reasons had people employed to keep beach safe and clean.

The beach was no doubt extremely beautiful, water was shining in the sunset rays. There were families and couples around but the beach was not so crowded. I searched a peaceful place at the beach to settle down with our gear. We enjoyed the breezy air and clouded sky. All over the scenery was amazing.

varca beach

Varca beach
varca beach

south goa

The shiny water was calling me to take a dip, but since no one was into waters around me I was getting a little reluctant to jump in. But being the adventurous person I was soon in the waters. It was a perfect time with not so harsh sun and cool breeze all around.

Gaurav was teasing me because I was the only one girl who was out there. I was enjoying his nervousness 😀

varca beach

It was just 20-30 minutes and as Goa is known for, it started raining heavily suddenly. Me and Gaurav got drenched completely as we head out on our rented bike.  We kept our camera safely (guys make a note to carry waterproof bags when you’re here in Goa in monsoon) in our bike then started our ride back to the guest office. It was an awesome experience.

But If there is rain around then how can one stop himself to eat pakoda and chai. We stopped our bike and went to a shop on the way to have some snacks with hot tea. Got a nice click at the restaurant (while I was totally drenched).

restaurant in south goa

We reached at our guest house around 10pm.

I again made myself ginger tea and started writing our experiences on the tour. A perfect day in the life of a blogger 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my blog post. Please share your feedback. Do share your questions around monsoon season in Goa!

Stay happy, Stay healthy, Stay Sexy.. 🙂

Love <3


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    Nice narration & good explanation how you enjoyed the trip. Good luck.

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      Kajal Mishra

      Thanks very much Saniya 🙂

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    Mandatory Pakoda and chai

    • avatar
      Kajal Mishra

      😀 Yeah.

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