Beach Fashion Decoded: Simple Styling Schemes!

Keep your beach fashion gear top notch with these simple styling schemes: 

Now that it’s summer and we have all the reasons to take a break from our oh-so-busy, work driven lives and escape to the beaches to vacay. While we sip on our margaritas and relax in the sands, we mustn’t let our fashion statement take a break.  

Beach fashion is not just about a palm print t-shirt and a sarong over bikini. It’s about feeling both beachy and you, comfortable and confident and highly fashionable. Here are a few ideas on how you can amplify your beach style and feel fashionably correct while you’re holidaying.  

The first tip is to choose brighter and happier colors for your attire. Be it bikinis, swimsuits, beach gowns or dresses, strive for more summery colors like shades of yellow, orange, pink, blue to add a happy summer feel to your look. A beach look has to be more subtle than bedazzled or glittery. Playing with pastel colors and pairing them with chunky accessories balances out the softly-hued pastels. 

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Floral beach wear

 Another way to stay high on your dose of fashion is to follow the ‘patchwork’ trend, yes, the patches we see on denims, bags, shoes wallets can equitably be used for our beach wear. Patches like strawberries, popsicles, sunglasses, beer, pineapples etc can be used to symbol the summer. More beachy patches like of shells, fishes, waves could make your outfit match your vacation mood. These patches can be used to on bikinis and swimwear. They can also be used to enhance accessories like your footwear or bags to give an edgy look. Best part about patch work is the ease with which it can be DIYed (do-it-yourself), they can be easily stitched upon or stuck on however you may want and make it from basic to sassy.  

What we wear says a lot about us, let your clothes speak fluently and fashionably through print. Ditch the old stripes and go for beach icons like palm islands, sunsets, corals, oceanic or minimal prints like starfish, turtles or palm trees. Ombre print is another style we can seek for basic outfits like beach gown, wrap-arounds, long skirts or oversized shirts.  

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Loose Fit beach wear

Now you know what to look for when you shop for your upcoming holiday at a beach destination and use these schemes to level up your summer style game.


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