5 DIY Facial Masks for a smoother skin!

Beauty and aesthetics can be traced back to centuries and have been predicted for millenniums that are to follow. Be it, men or women, the appearance of an individual has everything to do with how others see them because let’s be honest, no one falls in love with the personality at first sight. Not to be pessimistic, a pleasant face will never let you down. In the times we live and cities that we reside in, pollution has made its way deeper than we had expected. Those microscopic pollutants have started invading our skin and the face, being the most vulnerable and prominent, suffers the most. The skin on our faces is thinner than that on our skin and requires a little more care than our general hygiene. Listed below are some of the DIY facial masks that can help you take care of your facial skin and return the lost glow that these cities have taken away from you. But before we get started, have a glass of water (Just a reminder to hydrate yourself for which you don’t need a reason)

Indian Healing Clay

1-Bentonite Clay + Apple Cider

One of the most effective detoxing agents, bentonite clay is a naturally occurring substance that can do wonders to the skin, no matter how you apply it.  A mix of apple cider can make one of the best homemade face masks for your relaxing time. I personally prefer using the AZTEC SECRET INDIAN HEALING CLAY and ant brand of apple cider for the mask. Here’s what you need to do:

a-Take a spoon full of the bentonite clay

b-Pour three to four tablespoons of Apple cider into the product and mix

c-Add more if the consistency is thicker or thinner; the paste shouldn’t be runny

d-Apply a thick layer on your face and that’s pretty much it

e-Wait for it to dry out and wash it off with warm water

Go watch some good movies because you’ve earned it

Activated Charcoal


Dabur gulabari

2-Activated Charcoal + Rose Water

The activated carbon, which the active agent in the charcoal is known to act as a magnet for the gunk and dirt inside the pores of your skin. It pulls out the oils and leaves your skin feeling smooth and oil free. Any edible capsules of activated charcoal are perfect for the purpose, we’ll twist open the capsules for our use anyway. Here’s what you need to do:

a-Take four to five capsules of the activated charcoal

b-Twist open the capsules and pour the powder in a bowl

c-Add rose water according to the requirement; the consistency needs to be barely runny

d-Apply a thick layer on your face and lie down

e-Wash off with cold water to close the pores

f-Get an ice cream because why not


3-Activated charcoal + Glue

You read that right. I’m talking about the Craft glue or the Fevicol. This mask is majorly for the nasty blackheads and whiteheads that just won’t leave your skin, no matter how much you squeeze them out. It’s time to declare a battle against that army of sebaceous glands and get rid of them to get a clear skin for the summer. Here’s what you’ll need to prepare:

a-Take four to five capsules of the activated charcoal

b-Twist open the capsules and pour the powder in a bowl

c-Add glue water according to the requirement; the consistency needs to be that of honey

d-Apply a thin layer on your face: avoid the eyebrows and any areas with hair

e-Peel off once you realise you can’t move your face

f-Cringe at the sight of the mask and then remind yourself that you got rid of the gunk

g-Reward yourself by applying a toner or simple rose water

aloe vera

4-Bentonite clay + Activated charcoal + Lemon

The benefits mentioned above are going to take a leap further with this mask. The goodness of bentonite clay, the acids of lemon and the magnets of charcoal will chisel your face into a sculpture you have been waiting to unravel. Lemon has antibacterial properties that will cleanse of any bad bacteria and remove the excess oil along with the dead skin. Without further ado:

a-Take a tablespoon of bentonite clay in a bowl

b-Empty two or three capsules in the same bowl

c-Squeeze a lemon into the bowl and mix

d-The mixture will bubble up when lemon reacts with the clay

e-Add more lemon juice if required; the consistency has to be a non-runny spreadable paste

f-Apply a thick enough layer on the skin and lie down

g-Wash it off with warm water and splash cold water at the end of the rinse

h-Chocolate, get one for yourself


5 -Honey + Aloe Vera Gel

The golden liquid has healing and soothing properties which will cleanse the bacteria around your swollen pimples and give a drastic relief with regular usage. The aloe vera gel can be extracted or packed. I prefer Khaadi or GreenLeaf, but if you want to go for any other brand, by all means. Here’s the process:

a-Take two tablespoons of honey in a container

b-Mix a tablespoon of aloe vera gel

c-Add a couple of drops of rose water if the consistency is thicker than running honey

d-Apply a coating on your skin and lie down

e-Wash it off with warm water and dab a few drops of rose water at the end



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