“Take me to the beach, I will show you beach style.”

Hola guys!
I am loving all the jazz and fun of the weekend. Since the time I moved to Goa my weekdays and weekends have taken a different course. Work weeks that don’t seem like work weeks now and Man! partying weekends! 😛 Today I am going to give you another breakdown of a look I wore to Morjim Beach where I spent a day with friends, what could be a better start to the weekend! If you haven’t read about my Morjim Beach experience yet, read all about on my blog, but first the lookbook. 😀

The Beach Dress: I am getting so obsessed with beach dresses and cover-ups that before even planning a weekend I plan on my beach dress. 😛 I was visiting Morjim for the first time so I took out my new beach cover-up. It was a day affair so I picked up this beautiful silk cover-up in multi-color to wear over. I love how it gives me the bohemian vibes.
You can get similar at: Ngal





Bikini Top: I wore a beautiful neon pink bikini top under my cover up. Neon colours are still so hip and I am amazed how neon pink compliments my skin. <3 And also my cover-up and bikini top together make a good team. 😀

Shorts: When you have a rocking cover-up, picking up shorts is a no-brainer. Be it denim, cotton or linen, anything with a subtle color can work. I opted for a pink cotton shorts because cotton are more comfy while on beach and its pink! 😀 how can I let go such deadly match. 😀



Neckpiece: I love adding one chunky piece to my outfit, keeping the rest of the look subtle. I completely fell in love when I saw this funky beaded neckpiece “Manufactured by: www.navneetgems.com, a wholesaler of colored gemstones”. It has a beaded chain with a leaf pendant in the middle.



http://www.navneetgems.com/gemstone-beads/ bring together precious and semi-precious gems, all the way from Thailand, to curate some of very interesting and funky Jewellery. Fashion has been all about colors, especially in the gemstone and Jewellery industry. They choose this because it’s colorful and brings out today’s neon colors. These are quite fashionable and actually precious. I have worn many pieces from their exquisite collection quite a many times and I am simply amazed how wearable they are! They complement almost every kind of outfit be it a plain outfit or a hip printed one. You can see for yourself how versatile the pieces are, I have teamed them up with different outfits. Go check their collection at once and do tell me which piece have you got for yourself. 😀

Coming to the make-up, I started off with my daily routine of CTM (cleansing toning moisturizing), followed by the artistry youth xtend day cream. Further I primped up eyes with light waterproof kajal, and to give lovely glow to my lips I used a light pink lipstick, that too from MAC.

Hope you liked this beach look book.

I will soon update with other posts! XOXO

Till next post stay sexy stay beautiful.


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    I loved the blog and I love how you have chosen bright and vibrant colours!

    Wearing something on top of your swimwear is a good idea, because you can jump out of it, whenever you see the water. And teaming bikini tops with shorts or even skirts would be a good idea. I think, it would even be cool to wear your one piece swimsuit under your shirts or shorts. The bikini sets and one piece suits on offer at Pa-Ni will work great for the beach – maybe you could also take a look at their collections!

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