A day at Morjim beach

“Happiness is a day at the Morjim beach”

Hello lovely people..

Hope your weekend was awesome. And if you are following my blog then you already know that I will be in Goa for next 6-7 months and will try to explore Goa as much as possible. 🙂

Last weekend, few of us from Srijan office made a plan to play football at Morjim beach. I don’t like football, but I was excited to see another beach; I heard a lot of the Morjim. On Saturday (6th Feb) early morning, I was ready at 6 am to go to Morjim beach. I was the only female who was going with all football players (Srijan office) but not to play football but to cover Morjim beach! Yo Yo. 🙂

We reached at Morjim beach at 7 am. At Morjim beach all the shacks were wooden, the umbrella of the shacks are made up of bamboo which was quite cool. I choose a shack, laid down and fell to a nice morning sleep in the breezy wind! Can’t describe the feeling in words. I woke up after an hour or so and curled up with morning tea and a wonderful book I was looking to finish.

Enjoy the pictures below –





At 10 am we decided to take beach bath, and you can not imagine how clean the water was. Yes, In all beach which I covered, Morjim beach water was cleanest and beach was very nice. Wooden shacks, great people around, breezy wind. Perfect beach to spend a lazy Saturday.




Like Candolim, at Morjim beach you can wear any dresses, without leezy stares at you…. ha ha yes, this beach is also countable in bikini wear beach list. Number of foreigners here were more than Indians. I can see why we call Morjim beach “Little Russia”

I wore beautiful bright colored maxi dress cum cover up. You can read here of my lookbook. After taking beach bath, we had our second round of breakfast and a quick photoshoot. Walked on the sand for almost 1.5 hrs. When I was walking, I saw children were playing with sand, they were making sand toys, and with them parents also forgot their life stress and became child to enjoy the nature. 🙂


“A day at the beach restores the soul.”

“This line is absolutely true, if you are at beach then automatically your soul feel power.”

Finally after spending whole day at Morjim beach, we decided to go back home, took lunch in the mid to reached home by 7 pm. 🙂


Hope you enjoyed beauty of Morjim beach via my eyes. Tomorrow ( 9th February) we are planning to attend Goa carnival fest. And I am very excited to cover the Goa carnival. 😀

Hope you enjoyed my blog post, I would love to see your feedback in the comment box below.

And till next Goa carnival post stay sexy stay beautiful. 🙂

Love you all.


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